• Sep 16, 2019

Owners of cats for certain noticed that their favourites the most part of time have a rest: lie or sleep. How many does the cat and why she sometimes moves sleep and makes sounds in a dream?

 the Red fluffy cat sleeps a photo

On a photo: the cat sleeps. Photo: wikimedia

As a rule, at least 16 hours a day are the share of a dream of a cat, and the cat several times for day falls asleep. The dream of a cat is divided into several phases, from a sleepiness to a deep sleep.

During a deep sleep the cat completely relaxes, being extended on one side. At the same time you can notice that the cat dreams dreams : the animal pulls a tail, ears and paws at this time, and eyeballs sharply move. It is typical for many other animals who long sleep in breaks between food and hunting.

 the Grey and striped cat sleeps on one side a photo

On a photo: the cat sleeps on one side. Photo: wikimedia

By the way, kittens in the first month of life sleep only a deep sleep.

Despite stir of ears, a tail and paws, a body of a cat in a phase of a deep sleep completely not movably it is also weakened. At the same time the cat can make various sounds: to porykivat, something illegibly "to mutter" or purr.

The periods of a deep sleep of a cat are short-term: their duration seldom exceeds 6 – 7 minutes. Then there comes the stage of a light sleep (about half an hour), and then the murlyka wakes up.

 the Cream cat sleeps having slightly opened a photo eye

Photo: maxpixel

Cats sensitively sleep. Even if it seems to you that the favourite sleeps tight, once she hears small noise which seems suspicious or standing attention as the murlyka right there wakes up and becomes active.

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