• Feb 4, 2020

As well as we, dogs can miss. And sometimes the boredom pours out in "bad" behavior.

 the German shepherd sad lies a close up of a photo of
of the Photo: pixabay.com

As boredom is connected with problems of behavior of dogs?

As a rule, dogs miss, which live in the grown poor environment, that is lack for stimulation. If life of a dog goes every day on the same circle, it has not enough new impressions, everything that is around, she studied long ago, with her are not engaged (or are engaged a little), she begins to suffer from boredom.

If the boredom becomes chronic, the dog can "gain" the learned helplessness, to become apathetic or to react too strongly to, apparently, insignificant incentives. Boredom for a dog – the reason of development of a chronic stress .

Some dogs begin to look for new impressions, "bring order" to the apartment, spoil things, on the street rush on other dogs or passersby or for days on end entertain neighbors we bark or howl (especially if neighbors somehow react to it). Or perhaps and all together.

If the dog misses, at her the persuasive motive stereotypy can develop (for example, circulation to and fro, sucking of a laying or own sides, a razlizyvaniye of paws, etc.)

What to do that the dog did not miss?

There is a set of ways to make life of your dog more interesting and more various:

  1. A variety of walks (new places, new impressions, sorties to forests and fields).
  2. Safe and comfortable communication with relatives.
  3. Stunt training .
  4. Occupations shaping .
  5. Intellectual games.
  6. New toys. It is not obligatory to go to pet-shop every day. It is enough to divide, for example, dog toys into two parts and, giving one part, to hide another, and in a week to change.

How it is correct to bring up and train a dog by humane methods (including that she did not miss and did not cause you problems), you can learn, having registered in our videocourses.

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