• Feb 7, 2020
the Saying "lead cat-and-dog life" not always is fair. Very often dogs perfectly get on not only with cats, but also with other animals.

Dog and … still dog

Many owners do not stop on one dog. Also bring her the partner, dreaming as great pets will spend time together. If dogs of each other accept, really is to them more cheerfully. But happens that your canine friends begin real war on survival. Involving in military operations and owners.
Therefore when choosing the second dog should follow some rules.
Two Dogs in Fallen Leaves
  1. Dogs peers — not the best choice. In 2 years they can begin to fight, and not the fact that you will manage to reconcile them. It is better if the age difference between dogs — is more than 4 — 5 years.
  2. do not take the second dog "to correct" the first. As a rule, the second just adopts addictions of the first. Will definitely not influence "firstborn" to the best.
  3. Consider the living space sizes. Each dog needs own vital space, the overpopulation is fraught with the conflicts.
  4. Heterosexual dogs get on better, but consider that twice a year at boughs there will be a techka, and you should divide dogs.

Dog and cat

the Saying "lead cat-and-dog life" not always is fair. Very often these animals perfectly get on together. However everything depends both on specific features, and on age at which pets got acquainted.
  1. Puppy and kitten. It is an optimal variant, here problems usually do not arise.
  2. Adult dog and kitten. Here everything depends on character of a dog and her relation to murchalka. It is possible to keep the first days pets in different rooms — so they will get used to each other smell, but will not see each other, and only then to acquaint. It is better to hold a dog at the time of acquaintance on a lead. Communicating with both, in the beginning pay attention to a dog, and then – to a kitten. As a rule, the dog quickly gets used to the new member of household.
  3. Puppy and adult cat. Too usually everything is not so terrible. The puppy will not begin to show aggression, watch only that he did not bother a cat. Provide to each of them the personal territory.
  4. Adult dog and adult cat. The most difficult case. Here everything depends on the previous experience both. Also there is no guarantee that they in general will ever get on. If yes — you were lucky. If pets absolutely refuse to be on friendly terms, it is worth tracking at least that they met less often and to control their communication.
Dog and Cat of a Photo On a photo: dog and cat

Dog and horse

the Dog — a predator, and a horse — the potential victim. But it does not mean at all that they are doomed to be enemies. Young dogs often willingly play with foals, and those quickly become attached to the friends. Both horses, and dogs — social animals, and are guided they not only instincts, but also the gained experience.
However not always the picture is idyllic. Sometimes for a dog communication with a horse comes to an end with changes, and for the hoofed friend — wounds. Therefore the dog and a horse need to be accustomed to each other if you want to take, for example, a dog on riding walks.
First of all, a dog has to be trained in basic teams. Especially important: "Faugh" "to Stand", "Nearby" and "To me". It is better to bring a dog on a visit to horses when she still a puppy. But at all not to lower at once from a lead.
Acquainting a fluffy and the long-maned friend, try to move between them, keeping both in an occasion. Do not allow a dog to bark or get under feet horses. You praise both for tranquility manifestations. Also do not try to be engaged at this moment — neither with a horse, nor with a dog.
Dog and Horse of a Photo

On a photo: dog and horse

Dog and small animals

If you have a hunting dog, you should not risk life of small animals, bringing them to the house. For a hunting dog a polecat, a rat or a hamster — lawful production.
With other dogs chance to make friends pets or at least to provide safe coexistence is, but you should not relax all the same.
you hold small pets out of a zone of reach of a dog Better and attentively watch her reaction. It is possible to walk "trifle" under supervision, in the territory not available to a dog.
Dog and Other Pets

Dog and birds

If a puppy grows together with parrots or other birds, he, as a rule, treats them calmly. But the adult dog can quite try to catch the flyer. Consequences of similar hunting are, as a rule, sad for a bird. So you hold the feathery friend where the dog will not reach him.
Dog and Parrots of a Photo On a photo: dog and parrots "

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