• Sep 16, 2019
Owners fluffy мурлык sometimes come up against situations when from the sweetest angel the cat turns into a fiend when it tears up furniture, throws off flowers from a window sill, goes by a tray or, even more awfully, does it directly in your bed …

How to react to similar behavior? Where to have patience how to exclude a negative, shouts, punishments and negative emotions? Whether the cat understands what she is abused for why the owner is dissatisfied, ignores her, sometimes even shouts or sticks with a muzzle.
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each manifestation of undesirable behavior has the reason. For example, for many owners the writing subject on a bed is familiar and even painful, and many think that the cat revenges, does to spite, designates the territory. Actually thus the cat exchanges smells with the person, cats rub for exchange, updating every time "information".
But if the kitty is afraid, does not trust, it has not enough or it is impossible to be rubbed, it leaves more intensive smell, and in her picture of the world she tries to communicate with the person, to connect a smell and to calm down a little.
I about what punishment can there be a speech here? To change a situation, any owner needs to understand the reason how it is banal sounded. Punishment you will not correct, the negative incentive does not work, and generates fear and mistrust.
Any problems of cats are solved, it is necessary to stock up with patience, to love the pet and to understand that in your opinion" the bad habit" can be requirement which is caused by instincts. Mutual understandings to you and love.
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