• Aug 21, 2019

And whether you know that cat's "fur coat" not just warms, but also can tell about character of the owner? For the first time started talking about this theory in the 19th century: in the book "Cats" of 1895 it was noted that black-and-white cats are tender neatniks, and shy white – excellent myshelova.

 multi-colored kittens

the Curious research in this sphere was conducted by the Russian biologist Belyaev. The experiment on domestication of foxes showed that not only their character, but also appearance changed: ears became drooped, tails became shorter and changed a form, the color changed.

Communication between a color of a cat and her character is not proved yet, however many veterinarians and owners support the idea of its existence. In the book "Genetics and Hereditary Diseases of Dogs and Cats" it is noted that black cats – the most friendly, and red – the most bright therefore they are chosen most often for various researches.

The good nature of chernyshy was confirmed also during the recent research of the American scientists. Poll showed that cats of a tortoise color – the most obstinate. Black and gray-white having a tail are inclined to show character too, and white, black, gray and striped — the most patient, especially chernysh, the most benevolent.

We decided to collect the facts about character (and not only) cats of different colors that each owner could compare the theory to reality. Read in more detail:

About a small black fur coat .
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