• Feb 7, 2020

Some parents get a dog in hope that it will be help in education of children, will teach your child to responsibility, kindness and love to all live. Whether these expectations are realistic? Yes! But under one condition.

 the Child and a puppy go in different directions a photo

On a photo: child and puppy. Photo: pixabay.com

And this condition very important. It is impossible to neglect it.

Do not take a dog at all counting on the fact that the child will look after her! Even if the child swears that so it also will be.

The matter is that children are still too small to undertake such responsibility. They cannot plan even the near future, without speaking about days, months and the more so the years ahead. And you will see soon that cares of a dog laid down on your shoulders. Or the dog was to nobody necessary at all. And the child instead of love to a canine friend feels, to put it mildly, hostility, including the pet a burden.

As a result unfortunate are all: and you offended in the best feelings and the child on whom unreasonable responsibility hangs and, above all, a dog which did not ask herself to get at all.

Really in general cannot involve the child in care of a dog, you ask? Of course, it is possible, and it is even necessary! But to attract – to give feasible instructions and unostentatiously unostentatiously) to control their execution. For example, you can ask the child to change water in a dog bowl or together to train the pet in an amusing trick.

However you should not trust the child independent walking dogs – it can be just dangerous and do more harm, than advantage.

 and a dog opposite to each other of a photo

On a photo: child and dog. Photo: pixnio.com

Only in that case when you from the very beginning understand that you should look after a dog nevertheless even if you also take her "for the child", there is a chance of the happy future. Such approach will save you from unnecessary illusions and disappointment, the child – from irritation in relation to you and to a dog, and the pet will be able to feel the desired and favourite family member, but not a burden.

And the child, of course, will learn responsibility and kindness – on the example of your attitude towards a dog. And the dog will become an excellent method of education of children.

 the Child and a big dog go along the road of a photo

On a photo: dog and child. Photo: pixabay.com

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