• Aug 9, 2019

the Group of scientists of Johns Hopkins University found out that dogs not only are capable to understand when their owner is upset, but are ready to make great efforts to be to it at this moment near.

dog and person
Know well that dogs feel emotions of the owners. Nevertheless, according to scientists from the American Johns Hopkins University, on it their ability to empathy is not limited.

Researchers managed to find out that dogs are ready to go for great efforts to console the owners staying in grief. To come to this conclusion, they made an experiment with participation of 34 dogs of the most various breeds.

During tests pets were separated from the owners by the transparent door closed on magnets. It was offered to owners to execute a sad lullaby or if at them it turns out, to begin to cry.

Having heard cry, dogs directed to the owners with all dispatch. On average they tried to open the magnetic lock on a door three times faster than when their owners did not show negative emotions.

On the experiment course scientists measured the level of a stress of animals. As it appeared, those dogs who could not open a door or did not even try to make it, tested it even stronger, than other animals. It is possible to tell, they so empathized the owners that were literally paralyzed.

Dogs Were near People during Tens of Thousands of Years, and They Learned to Read Out Our Social Signals — the leading researcher of the project Emily Sanford summarized a situation.

Source: tsargrad.tv

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