• Feb 7, 2020

Very popular belief that all dogs are able to swim since the birth. However it far not so. The similar delusion can be dangerous to your pet and even to cost it life. Whether everything dogs are able to swim and whether it is possible to teach a canine friend to be the swimmer?

The Golden Retriever Floats a Photo

On a photo: the golden retriever floats. Photo: pixabay.com

dogs Are able to swim?

As a rule, a dog, having appeared in water, begins at least to try to float like a dog. However it does not mean that it can be sent with peace of mind to a heat, especially long. Besides, even if your dog is able to swim, it does not mean that she likes such type of activity and that it is safe for it.

There are breeds most of which of representatives well swims – for example, Labradors or Newfoundland dogs. There are breeds to which swimming troubles: generally it is korotkolapy dogs (for example, dachshunds or bassets) and brakhitsefala (dogs with the shortened muzzle, such as bulldogs or pugs). But also to representatives of other breeds swimming can seem a task almost impracticable.

you Remember
: it is necessary to watch any dog who entered water constantly and in case of danger to be ready immediately to come to the rescue. Even if your pet the excellent swimmer, he can overcool or drown.
The Dog Swims a Photo

On a photo: the dog swims. Photo: pixabay.com

It is possible to teach a dog to float?

Some success in training of a dog in swimming can be achieved, but here a lot of things depend on specific features and preferences of your canine friend.

What precisely it is not necessary to do to you in the aspiration to teach a dog to float is to try to drag a canine friend on depth by force. Not only that it is deadly – the stress caused by a fright will hardly add to your pet of enthusiasm in the aspiration to learn to float. More likely, he will be afraid even more of water.

Not all dogs even able to float willingly go to water. And even if you have a Labrador, it does not give guarantees at all that he with pleasure will cross the lake. Remember that a dog it is impossible to force to float, but it is possible to interest.

First of all, walk on the coast of a reservoir , and attentively watch a dog. If she risks to wet at least one paw, violently praise and award with something that she especially appreciates – for example, the most tasty delicacy or a favourite toy.

It is gradually possible to offer to a dog (but not to force!) to come into water is deeper and deeper. It is simpler to some dogs to come into water if they before eyes have an example of other dog or the favourite owner.

A great way to teach a dog to float – use of a special vest . With its help the dog will learn the correct position of a body in water.

The French Bulldogs Swim in Photo Vests

On a photo: The French bulldogs swim in vests. Photo: wikimedia.org

Do not forget about comfort of the chetverony friend. Surely give it the chance to have a rest in a shadow and take with yourself drinking water.

I even if a dog adores floating (especially in this case), you should not forget about safety. For a second do not leave the pet unguarded, so far he in water! You watch that the dog was not tired. And before letting a dog in water, be convinced that at the bottom there are no objects about which your favourite can cut paws.

It is very important that stay near a reservoir was pleasant and safe both for you, and for your dog. Even if she will not learn to swim.

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