• Oct 7, 2020

with for work of dogs. Why to go to work with a dog and whether it is worth doing it?

Red Dog at Office behind the Photo Laptop
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

is good or bad to hire a dog?

Every fifth company in the USA allows employees to bring into office of dogs. In Europe of such organizations has slightly less – 12%. It is even less of them in Russia, and absolutely it is a little in Belarus. However the share a mastiff-frendli of offices grows. And to that there are reasons.

Scientists found out that if at office there is a dog, it improves psychological climate, colleagues begin to trust more each other, and the collective becomes more solid. Besides, the dog helps people to cope with a distress (a "bad" stress). Also owners of dogs who have an opportunity to hire pets, show higher efficiency.

However, some heads do not divide this approach. They are afraid, that dogs will distract employees. Besides, not all love dogs. And at some people on them an allergy. So to expect that at each office there will be pets, in the near future is not necessary.

And whether well to dogs at office?

At first sight it seems that yes. The pet does not miss alone, and spends day near the favourite owner. Where it is better! But only on the first look.

Really, there are dogs to whom stay in office delivers pleasure. They quietly perceive a large number of people around and are friendly to pets who are brought by colleagues of their owner. And most part such dogs day doze near a master's chair.

However not all dogs perceive office vanity quietly. Some are frightened and irritated by the fussing people and other dogs. And in this case animals stay being able strong a distress . Which can pour out in behavioural problems and diseases.

For such dogs accompanied by owners is one work more than tortures, than pleasures. And they with great pleasure remain to sleep on a cozy matrasik in loneliness, so far the owner earns by it on a forage. Especially if in the rest time of people provides to the favourite due balance of predictability and variety.

The decision whether to take a dog in office, each owner accepts independently. Also it is useful to consider at the same time a condition of a dog and her perception of the world around.

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