• Jan 17, 2020

Frustration (in translation from Latin "failure", "deception", "vain expectation") is a mental state which arises at the living being in situations when this being cannot satisfy the requirement.

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The condition of frustration arises, when the living being cannot achieve the objectives or grant desire. Barriers can be both external (circumstances), and intra personal.

In other words, we speak about frustrations when our desires do not coincide with our opportunities.

Frustration is experienced as people, and other beings, including dogs.

The condition of frustration is connected with wide range of negative emotions: disappointment, irritation, alarm, despair, anger. And the long condition of frustration can become the development reason distress and to have a negative impact on wellbeing. Including to become reason of behavioural problems, for example, cowardice or manifestations of aggression.

We will give an example. The dog sees relatives, very much wants to play with them, but owing to any reasons cannot to satisfy this requirement (for example, it is held on a lead by the owner). It it is overexcited, excessive excitement causes excess of the energy demanding exit. If the dog cannot "let off steam", excitement becomes the reason frustration which in turn starts problem behavior. As a result the dog can begin to bark and rush on other dogs or to gnaw a lead. And can develop also into the readdressed aggression when the dog bites the owner.

To help a dog to cope with frustration, it is necessary to provide satisfaction of basic, first of all requirements and also to teach her "to behave in paws" and to relax with the help of games on self-checking and protocols of relaxation.

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