• Feb 7, 2020

until their dogs mature, expecting that with age they "will grow wiser". Whether dogs grow wiser with age?

Adult Dog and Puppies of a Photo Photo: pixabay

What is intelligence of dogs?

Intelligence and its development – a question concerning which a spear scientists still break. And it concerns even human intelligence, not to mention dog. And if earlier ratings "most clever breeds dogs" were formed, then now these ratings are recognized as incorrect, intelligence – piece non-uniform, consists of several components, and each of these components is developed differently at different dogs depending on their purpose, training and life experience.

If to speak simply, then the intelligence dogs is an ability to solve any problems, including to apply knowledge and abilities in new conditions.

dogs Can become cleverer with age?

If to take as a basis the above-stated determination of intelligence – that yes, can. At least because every day gain more and more experience, skills and explore new behavior models, so, the sphere of more difficult tasks which they can solve and also quantity of ways of the solution of these tasks, including the choice of more effective extends.

However, is nuance. The dog grows wiser with age only in case she has an opportunity every day to obtain new information, to add to experience and to study new.

That is the dog grows wiser if the owner creates optimum balance predictabilities and a variety, trains a dog, and trains by humane methods which mean development of an initiative and interest in assimilation new, and simply plays and communicates with her.

However if the dog lives in the grown poor environment, studies nothing, do not communicate or communicate with it roughly so it is formed or the learned helplessness, or fear before new and manifestations of an initiative, then, of course, it has no opportunity to develop the cognitive abilities and to show them.

So, she will become hardly cleverer with age.

But it is already wine not dogs at all.

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