• Sep 18, 2019

Hearing of a horse differs from human, though is not so strong as, for example, sight.

 Ears of a horse of a photo

the Horse can hear sounds of wider frequency range, than the person. And low-frequency sounds of a horse are heard slightly earlier, than the deaf rumble, for example, far thud of hoofs of herd of other horses reaches our hearing. A limit of our hearing in high frequencies – 20 kHz while hearing of a horse catches sounds with a frequency of 25 kHz. The distinction is essential, but not it big if to compare, for example, to hearing of a dolphin (130 kHz) or dogs (40 kHz).

 the Horse listens a photo

As well as the person, the horse extremely shows consideration for the different sounds, especially unfamiliar, this ability helps to notice predators when they it is still far. At the same time horses perfectly remember rhythms and sounds. For example, they with ease distinguish a rhythm of a metronome of 80 beats per minute from a rhythm in 100 beats per minute.

 the Horse turns photo ears

But there is a feature of hearing of a horse which significantly distinguishes these animals from us. The horse can be focused on certain sounds, turning ears (both or only one). And here when the horse is angry, she hears worse: tensely pressing ears, horses clamp external acoustical pass.

 the Horse turned ears back of a photo

Hearing of a horse begins to weaken when she is 10 years old.

And if ears at a horse are constantly not mobile, it can be symptom of deafness.

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