• Aug 21, 2019

Our pets in the majority love music. So experts of the Galaxie company consider.

After a number of the conducted researches in Canada the whole network of music channels for animals appeared. Noticed that dogs have own favourite songs and melodies and if they stay at home some, then willingly listen to quiet background music, than are in absolute silence.

For this reason 53% of owners of pets in Canada and the USA leave included in music when go to work.

That your favourite pet did not miss you one, and really derived pleasure, select the correct music. According to data of a research of scientists from School of psychology at Queen's University in Canada, classical music promotes relaxation of dumb animals. It is good when audio recordings include chatter of birds, miaow, soft voices, etc. Listening to such music, dogs bark less and have more a rest. When dogs listen to a heavy-metal or hard rock, their level of excitement increases, and they bark almost without stopping.

Previously listen to the chosen music with a dog the day before and track her reaction. If the pet quiet, balanced — it is excellent!

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