• Sep 18, 2019

Scientists proved that horses not only read emotions of people, but also remember what look you had during the last meeting: gloomy or joyful. Also react as appropriate.

 Horses react to a look of the person of a photo Leanne Prups's

from the university of Portsmouth (Great Britain) and its colleagues conducted a curious research in 2016 and proved that horses differently react to photos of people depending on that, the person smiles or looks angered. And later they conducted other research directed to finding out whether horses can remember people and whether reaction of a horse to the person depends on what emotions were shown by this person at the moment when the horse saw it last time.

First of all scientists showed to horses of a photo of the person. In photos of people showed either joy, or anger. And several hours of people later from the photo personally approached a horse, and the look at this moment was neutral.

 Horses participate in a photo experiment

On a photo: a participating horse of an experiment and people which shows a neutral look

The control group of horses saw in the photo of some people, and alive – others.

Also important the fact that the people visiting horses did not know what of their photos horses saw before. It became in order that people unconsciously did not prompt to horses as to react to them, by means of micromovements, horses are very sensitive to such hints.

It became clear that horses perfectly remember a look of the person seen in the photo.

Horses prefer to look at the menacing and negative incentives the left eye, and at positive incentives – the right eye. During the research when horses saw the person who frowned in the photo before, they examined it the left eye. In addition, horses in this situation showed symptoms of a stress, for example, scraped a leg a floor or is noisy sniffed. And contrary to it when horses saw the person who smiled in the photo before, they looked at him the right eye.

Many other animals show ability to remember a look of the person, including a sheep and fish. And crows for years cherish offense at people who badly with them managed, moreover, line other ravens to slight the enemies.

Horses, however, as it became clear as a result of this research, can size up the person, not only having met it in person, but also is exclusive according to the photo. It is what is still insufficiently investigated at animals.

 the Horse and the person of a photo

At horses very expressive mimicry so it is logical that they pay attention to a look of the person. And considering how long horses live near us, it is not surprising that they learned to learn what means this or that look of the person.

The research is entirely published in the Current magazine of Biology , DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.03.035

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