• Feb 7, 2020

In the world several hundreds of breeds of dog exist, and new appear all the time. So the person who decided to get a dog can choose the breed suitable for it. Why there are a lot of unfortunate dogs and the disappointed owners?

 Dogs of different breeds of a photo

On a photo: dogs of different breeds. Photo: wikipedia.org

Unfortunately, often it is connected with the fact that, choosing breed of a dog, future owner is guided mainly by appearance (for example, at of beagles such lovely ears, malamutes are similar to wolves, and at huskies blue eyes which it is impossible to resist) or fashion (and here movies about dogs sometimes do these dogs a disservice, creating absolutely incorrect idea of breed).

By what it is worth being guided, choosing the pet and how to choose the breed of a dog suitable you?

the Appearance is important … but not only it

The appearance , certainly, is important, you to live with a dog (and to look at her) many years. However you do not hurry to be enough the first puppy who seemed to darlings. Study breeds, choose several pleasant "candidates" whom you study in more detail subsequently, being guided already by other qualities.

The size matters. Someone likes big dogs, to someone – tiny. At the same time it is worth estimating soberly the forces to understand whether you will be able to provide to a dog qualitative living conditions (for example, good nutrition) and whether your housing is suitable for keeping of the giant. For example, to keep in the small-sized city apartment the Caucasian sheep-dog – not the best decision (however, not only because of the size).

Other extreme – to consider that the small doggie will demand from you less time, for example, will do without walking. It's not true. Small doggies – not decoration of an interior, they have "complete set" of requirements and not less large relatives need attention of the owner.

 Big and little dog of a photo

Photo: wikipedia.org

the Choice of breed of a dog depends on your purposes

Answer the question " Why to you a dog? " For example if you want to grow up the watchman and the security guard, then the American pit bull terrier , despite the reputation and frightening appearance, will disappoint you with .

Study history and origin of breed dogs which was pleasant to you. It is necessary not only for the general development. The matter is that each breed was removed with a definite purpose, so, generation behind generation the dogs, most suitable for these specific goals, were selected. And it in many respects defines character.

For example, the sleek-haired fox terrier was brought by to battle against the predator which often is not inferior to a dog by the sizes in a close and dark hole. And from dogs, therefore, boundless courage, but at the same time composure was required quickly to analyze a situation and to make decisions. To independently make decisions, notice, – it is important. So, these dogs can be quite aggressive rely on themselves more, than on the owner so it is much more difficult to achieve from them implicit obedience, than from shepherd's dogs, for example, from of a Border Collie at which the ability to understand the person not that from a half-word was fixed by centuries, but also with a semi-look, and at the same time immediately to execute the command. So it is not surprising that Border Collies constantly take prizes in the championships on обидиенс.

 at competitions on обидиенс a photo

On a photo: a Border Collie at competitions on обидиенс. Photo: pixabay.com

However, even in one breed there are versions. For example, my an airdale working cultivation quite strongly differs from the airdales brought for participation in exhibitions: it is more excitable, vigorous, also more chelovekooriyentirovanny possesses instant reaction and stronger character, but at the same time. Besides, also individual distinctions are high, and even in one dung puppies meet different character and temperament.

The purpose of breed will also give you an idea of that, the dog is how active. For example, huskies which were removed to overcome long distances will demand from you bigger, than a slow promenade around the house in the hygienic purposes. And here the English bulldog who is not used as a working dog for a long time, will be grateful for slow walk, but at the same time will be hardly happy if you force it to run a marathon.

Pay attention to health

Unfortunately, now the majority of breeds have the whole bunch of the genetic (descended) diseases, and in many cases is a payment for a certain appearance. For example, the real scourge of German shepherds – a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints, and brakhitsefala (for example, the French bulldogs , pugs or Pekineses ) often have terrible trouble breathing (and not only).

 the Pug with the put-out photo tongue

Photo: maxpixel.net

Certainly, to you to solve whether you are ready to pay for similar selection, but, at least, it is worth choosing a dog, having an idea that to the veterinarian not to do without frequent visits, and the term of life of the pet of breed, vulnerable in respect of health, can be much shorter, than you would like.

And surely take an interest in
at the manufacturer in results of tests for genetic diseases.

That else influences the choice of breed of a dog

It is important to decide on that, what is the time and forces you are ready to spend for care of a dog . But consider that here pluses often have a reverse side.

For example, in the house it is a little wool from of the Hungarian vyzhla , but at the same time in the winter in severe climate she can freeze, and it will be required to buy clothes for the pet.

the Wire-haired fox terrier , as well as other breeds with such type of wool, does not fade, but demands regular trimming (plucking out of the died-off wool) – so, you need or to be engaged in this (that is quite labor-consuming), or to pay services of the groomer.

Newfoundland will not freeze in the cold winter, it is not necessary to cut it, but it is regularly necessary to comb, and during a molt wool will be something like seasoning to soup.

Do you have children and whether you plan to get successors? Some breeds of dog are suitable for families with children more (for example, of a collie , a Labrador or a golden retriever ), than others. However the main thing nevertheless – education, and not only of a dog , but also of the child . And responsibility for how there will be relations of children with the pet, entirely lies on parents .

 the Family with children washes a golden retriever of a photo

Photo: pixnio.com

Why it is important correct to choose the manufacturer

On whatever breed of dog you stopped the choice, it is extremely important to choose the manufacturer correctly. From that, knitting was how carefully planned and producers were selected and also how looked after future mother and puppies, health and feature of mentality of your pet depends.

From what nursery it is worth running as it is possible further:

  • If do not show you a condition of keeping of dogs.
  • If dogs in nursery live in cages. In this case you can meet difficulties in schooling of a puppy to cleanliness and also problems with socialization .
  • If dogs live in the country and at the same time the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to socialization. You risk to face a set of fears and will hardly be able to grow up from such puppy of the good partner or a dog for sports activities.
 Dogs for cultivation in photo cages

Photo: wikimedia.org

And that if to take a mongrel?

There is nothing bad in choosing a mongrel as the pet . But it is worth doing it with open eyes, realizing that the puppy of a mongrel is a lottery. You will not be able to foresee what size he will grow and what character will have.

However, most often mongrels become wonderful friends and partners.

 the Mongrel sits on a photo sofa

Photo: wikimedia.org

What breed of a dog (or a mongrel) to choose, solve to you. But the more carefully and more responsibly you will approach the choice, the your life with the pet will be happier.

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