• Feb 7, 2020

you came home, and to eyes the sad picture appeared: the apartment reminds the battlefield where the dog the proud winner sits in a lot of prostrate enemies — the gnawed things. Why the dog gnaws things and how to disaccustom her?

 the Corgi gnaws a leg of a chair of a photo

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How to disaccustom a puppy to gnaw things?

If you at least once watched behavior of puppies, then know that they study the world just by means of teeth. And all of them study what all of them these teeth can reach. And they absolutely do not know that some things are not adapted for contact with puppyish teeth.

Besides when teeth are cut, it creates feeling of discomfort and therefore puppies, as well as small children, during this period pull everything in a mouth.

The best that you can make if you leave a puppy of one at home is to remove all things expensive to your heart so that the kid could not reach them.

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If you can also control the pet of house, it is worth using the String method offered by Sofya Baskina. Tie a string which will be freely dragged for the kid to a puppy collar (but never leave a string if you leave the house). If the puppy is enough the thing which is not belonging to him, speak "to Foo!", you follow a puppy, you step on the end of a rope, you tighten (you do not pull!) the kid to yourself, you take a thing and you repeat: "Faugh!" Hold a subject of disputes in a hand, but do not pull out from a mouth. Sooner or later the puppy will spit out this thingummy. You praise a puppy, but you continue to hold that "apple of discord" lay before it. If the pet tries to grasp the forbidden subject again, again say "Foo!" And so until the puppy does not turn away from the ill-fated thing. As soon as it occurs, praise a puppy, release and carry a thing into place. If the puppy is enough a subject again (and he first will grab, do not doubt!), all procedure repeats.

This method will not develop at a puppy fear of the owner (the kid was not frightened, did not beat and did not shout), but will give understanding that there are bans, and they remain invariable. Time that the puppy acquired it so show patience is required.

Certainly, instead of the forbidden things at a puppy has to be enough attractive toys, including for chewing. And it is better to change toys (that is to hide that were yesterday, and to offer couple of "new" — for example, day before yesterday) that they did not bore the kid.

How to disaccustom an adult dog to gnaw things?

To disaccustom an adult dog to gnaw things, it is important to understand why she does it and to work directly with the reason.

If the dog not only gnaws inedible objects, but also swallows of them, as soon as possible consult with the veterinarian — it can be one of symptoms of diseases of digestive tract .

Other reason for which the dog can gnaw things — a stress . Chewing calms a dog, and she thus facilitates psychological state. If you punish the pet for such behavior, it causes a bigger distress (a "bad" stress), so, the problem is aggravated. Vicious circle.

One more probable cause — boredom . Yes, dogs miss too, especially when some stay at home and do not receive rather physical and intellectual activity.

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What to do if the dog gnaws things? First of all, to understand that it is necessary to work not with a symptom, and with the reason — only in this case the positive result is possible.

It is necessary to analyse whether five freedoms dogs are satisfied with . And if is not present that it is necessary to make to provide to a canine friend acceptable living conditions.

If independently it is impossible to solve a problem, perhaps, you need consultation of the expert.

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