• Sep 23, 2020

not just unpleasant, but also sometimes dangerous habit: protect the bowl, growling, and even rushing on everyone, who will appear nearby. How to disaccustom a dog to protect a bowl with food?

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At once we will note that if protection of a resource at a dog in a serious form (for example, there were cases having bitten), that best decision – to address the expert, working with humane methods. It will help to develop and implement the program corrections of behavior of your dog. If it is still not so started, it is possible to solve problem independently.

How to disaccustom a dog to protect a bowl with food? The main principle – to make so that the dog understood: it is favorable to her when people are near it bowl.

In the beginning you hold a bowl with food in one hand, and at this time other hand you get from it food and you feed to a dog. So your dog is convinced of that, that a hand of the person near a bowl with food – it is fine. And you get into a bowl not in order that to select something and to feed the pet.

Then you lower a bowl on floor level, but still hold it in hand, and you allow a dog is from a bowl at this time.

You leave a part of food at yourself and when the dog eats up food from a bowl, you you add new pieces there. That is your presence row means that the dog will receive more food – so, it is very favorable to the pet.

Then when the dog eats, you do not sit next any more, but periodically approach to a bowl to add to it food. That is your approach to a valuable resource for a dog becomes a pleasant signal that now there will be an additive.

Once again we will emphasize: these exercises are suitable only for those cases when protection of a resource is shown only in absolutely insignificant degree – that to prevent development and aggravation of a problem. If the dog ALREADY protects from you a bowl, similar experiments can become dangerous. In this case costs to address the expert. There are effective and humane ways to disaccustom dog to protect the bowl, but in order that to apply them, it is necessary to have the corresponding knowledge, skills.

About how to bring up and train a dog by humane methods, you can learn, having used our videocourses.

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