• Aug 9, 2019

However, scientists found out that cat's character more antagonistic.

Sometimes life under the same roof can become the real test even for the most patient of us. When the favourite chair is occupied by someone another, and food mysteriously disappears, it does not become surprising that temperature begins to be heated. And it is only about pets.

However, scientists decided to find out for certain in what relations there are cats and dogs who live in one house. They found out that though cats more nervous, they almost have no problems with house self-affirmation, The Guardian writes.

 a cat and a dog of a photo On a photo: a cat and a dog

Online poll of 748 house owners of Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Canada and several countries of Europe showed that more than 80% from them feel that their pets quite get on with each other. Only 3% said that their cat and a dog hate each other.

However, despite the general picture of harmony, poll also revealed that cats behave antagonistic much more often. House owners told scientists that cats threaten the neighbors dog 10 times more probably three times more often can wound them during the fight. However, dogs, apparently, not really are concerned by it. More than the fifth part of them lifted toys to show to cats. On the contrary it happened only in 6% of cases.

Scientists from the University of Lincoln also tried to find out that it is necessary to make that the cat and a dog in the house harmoniously coexisted. They defined that the success of the relations of animals depends on age of cats in which they began to live near dogs. The earlier this coexistence, the better will begin.

Source: unian.net"

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