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Summer — a season of holidays, and some owners, being going on vacation, leave dogs on overexposure. As it is better to arrive: to leave a dog at home and to ask acquaintances to feed her and to walk or bring a dog to paid overexposure? What to consider, leaving a dog on overexposure?

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, What is better: to leave a dog at home or to bring home to other people?

The dog is attached to the owner, that is for her not the house, namely the person – base of safety. So, if you ask someone from acquaintances only few times in day to visit your pet to feed and walk, and all rest of the time a dog will be in loneliness, it can be too strong a stress with which it will be extremely difficult to cope to an animal.

It is possible to leave a dog at home if you ask someone from relatives or friends to live with her during your absence. It is even better if this person is familiar to a dog, and she treats him kindly. It is the most painless option for a dog.

If there is no such opportunity, then it is better to choose overexposure, but not to leave a dog one at home. Overexposures can be several types:

  • Relatives or friends agree to shelter your canine friend at themselves.
  • House overexposure – the dog lives at the person who renders services in care of animals for the period of absence of owners.
  • Hotels for animals. However in this case there is a risk that the dog will spend the most part of time alone.

Sometimes the instructor at whom you are engaged agrees to shelter a dog. If the dog loves him, it can be the excellent decision.

Is important to approach the overexposure choice extremely responsibly: to study information, to read responses, not to hesitate to ask questions, it is obligatory to go to look at conditions in advance.
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it is possible to leave Any dog on overexposure

Of course, overexposure, especially at strangers, will be anyway accompanied by a big or smaller stress for each dog. However there are dogs for whom overexposure will do more harm and will halloo still more than once over time.

If you have a puppy aged up to 6 months, it is extremely undesirable to leave him on overexposure. It is that period when at a puppy the relation to the world and relationship with you is formed. And separation is fraught with serious risk at this time.

An adult dog who appeared in your house recently – one more vulnerable category. If the attachment did not manage to be created, and you will leave the pet on other people moreover for a long time, then after arrival you should begin to establish anew the relations, and, perhaps, even not from a zero point, and from a position "minus".

Therefore if in the next half a year the holiday is planned, is better not to take in the house of a puppy or an adult dog. Or, if the pet already is also him it is impossible to take with himself, it is worth refusing a trip and to stay at home – mentality of a dog more expensive.

How to facilitate for a dog stay on overexposure

As it was already mentioned, overexposure – a stress for any dog. But you can facilitate to the pet life if the schedule and habitual way of things exchange as little as possible.

Stipulate with the people rendering service of overexposure, the schedule of feeding and walking – it will help to keep a day regimen of a dog, so, will provide though some predictability and will help your pet to cope with a stress.

Tell to what rules life of a dog in your house submits – that it can do and that it is impossible. Dogs appreciate the sequence , and it will give to an animal the chance to live more or less quietly, but not to go on the minefield, groping borders of legal.

That else should be discussed before leaving a dog on overexposure

It is important to acquaint a dog with the person at whom she will live in advance. It is good if you are able to descend on one (and it is better a little) joint walks and to look how the person treats a dog. If there is an opportunity, go with the pet on a visit there where you plan to leave a dog.

Even if you walk a dog without lead, it is extremely important to stipulate that walking will take place only on a lead. The dog is not always ready to follow the stranger whatever brought up and trained she was. If you are not sure that this rule will be followed, it is better to look for other overexposure.

Prepare important things in the form of an instruction: when also with what to feed a dog when to walk, what rules to adhere.

If the dog had behavior problems, the stress can start them again. Also it will be honest both in relation to a dog, and in relation to people who agree to take her on overexposure, to warn about such opportunity and to make the corresponding recommendations.

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That is required to a dog on overexposure

  1. Ammunition (breast-band/collar, lead).
  2. Bowls.
  3. Place (stove bench, матрасик, etc.)
  4. Toys, in any case, especially valuable to a dog.
  5. Phone numbers by which it is possible to call if there are problems (for example, the dog will get sick).
  6. the Forage (with a stock).
  7. Favourite delicacies.
  8. the First-aid kit of first aid and medicines which are necessary for your dog (if such is).

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