• Feb 7, 2020
Often owners of dogs are lost and do not know what to do if their favourite gets involved in a fight with other dog. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to separate the fighting dogs it is safe for itself and with the smallest losses from belligerent parties.

Certainly, the best way is to use the best efforts to avoid a fight. In time take a dog on a lead if there are at least slightest suspicions that acquaintance to other dog can end with battle.

If suddenly faced other dog, without having made out in it the potential opponent, and your dog without lead – you should not panic and run to dogs. Slowly begin to disperse and to withdraw dogs. Act smoothly, do not do excess movements. If dogs not too pugnacious, are chance to disperse.

There are several ways to separate the fighting dogs. The choice of suitable depends on your physical force, opportunities and a situation.

  • At the same time to seize the fighting dogs by hinder legs and to turn on a back. Both owners have to act, and it is harmonious.
  • At the same time to seize both dogs by collars and by twisting to cause a suffocation.
  • At the same time to take dogs for a skin on a neck and to raise. But at the same time it is necessary to keep the weight of a dog on an outstretched arm so with a big dog such way is difficult.
  • Wooden klinyshka to place between teeth of a dog and to turn, unclenching jaws.
  • At the same time to seize dogs by skin in a groin. But it is very painful so it is necessary to be ready to avoid a sting (in passion the dog can be developed and bite the owner).
  • to Insert a wooden stick between teeth of a dog and to press a language root. The arisen emetic reflex will lead to the fact that jaws will be unclenched.
  • to Pour over dogs water.
  • to Put on something the head of one of dogs. A fight can stop as the dog does not see an oskalenny mouth of the opponent (there is no key incentive).
  • to Put between dogs a board – at least a piece of dense cardboard. But the board has to be by the size more dog.
  • the Dog who wins can be grabbed by hinder legs and a tax slightly forward – the dog, as a rule, unclenches jaws to make interception, and at this moment she can be dragged.

If the dog at the same time tries to bite you, to go to the opposite side. That is, if the dog turns the head to the right – recede to the left and vice versa.

If you act alone, it is necessary to record one dog and to try to drag another.

It is desirable to be enough in the beginning that dog who is stronger – there is a chance that weaker opponent will not begin to resume a fight, and will try to retire.

If your dog on a lead and attacked her other dog, and forces are approximately equal – better to release a lead to give to the dog chance to be protected and saved from wounds, and then to take away. If your dog is weaker, it is better not to release a lead, and instead try to drive away other dog.


Main to work most safely for itself and not traumatic for dogs.

to Beat with

dogs, separating them, it is impossible!

First, it is dangerous: you can injure a dog if, for example, you get on a stomach and injure internals.

Secondly, it is counterproductive: dogs in passion can begin to fight even more actively.

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