• Feb 7, 2020

you for certain saw more than once dogs who, despite all the friendliness, cause in relatives most often hostility, and even open aggression. As a rule, the matter is that such superfriendly dogs do not observe dog rituals and are not able to approach relatives politely. Whether it is possible to solve this problem and to teach a dog politely to approach other dogs?

Communication with relatives – an important component wellbeing on implementation of vidotipichny behavior. If the dog wants, but cannot communicate with similar, she suffers. And a task of the responsible and careful owner — to make everything for the solution of this problem.

How to teach a dog it is polite to approach other dogs?

If you have a puppy, groups socialization which works in many cities now. However it is important that the trainer was a competent expert, used a method of a positive reinforcement and did not allow violence in relation to puppies at all, including did not force them to approach other dogs if they are afraid.

If there is no such opportunity, it is possible to acquaint a puppy with other dog, quiet and polite which will train the kid in necessary rituals. It is desirable that such meetings also took place under the leadership of the competent expert.

If you have an adult dog, the situation becomes complicated, but to solve a problem all the same perhaps. You should stock up with patience and to get support of assistants with dogs on whom you will train. It is important that dogs assistants were quiet and friendly. It is necessary to choose correctly a distance to start a training and to encourage reconciliation signals which are shown by your dog (or to teach it to these signals).

Also you should not forget that impolite approach to other dogs is often connected with overexcitation of your pet and inability of to control. Therefore an obligatory part of the program — work with the level of excitement of a dog and training in her ability to relax and "to behave in paws". The set of the games and exercises allowing to teach a dog to self-checking is for this purpose developed, using exclusively positive reinforcement.

If you despaired to achieve success by own efforts, do not know what to begin with, or reached a deadlock, it is possible to ask for the help the competent trainer or to use ours videocourses on independent training of dogs by method of a positive reinforcement.

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