• Jan 24, 2020

Some owners for years suffer when the dog a bullet takes off in open door, hurrying on walk, and literally pulls out the owner afterwards. Sometimes it is tried to be adjusted by cruel methods. But in violence it is perfect there is no need.

 the Beagle the dog lies a photo of
of the Photo: maxpixels

How to teach a dog not to break in open door in the humane ways? Especially as it is a question not only comfort, but also safety.

Very simply! Having explained to her governed behavior. And having convinced that you are a source of all of the best in lives of your dog you can also satisfy her requirements.

For example, your dog meteor rushes at a door as soon as you open it. Remarkably! You will be helped by following action plan.

Become at a door and put a hand on the handle. Wait until the dog sits down. Do not give commands and other hints, allow it to make the independent decision. Keep patience – it can do to take some time. Wait for the correct actions and let a dog know: it can induce you to open a door if sits down.

When all this will occur, begin to open a door. If the dog jumps – and she most likely and will make – close a door and again wait.

Your task to give to a dog an opportunity to understand: sit quietly – and you will receive the desirable. When dog quietly sits until the door is open, allow it to leave.

Practice it several times, at the same time without allowing a dog to take off for an open door to avoid a self-reinforcement (what is authorized sometimes according to the logic of a dog is authorized always). Show persistence, be consecutive , and you by all means teach a dog to come for walk politely.

You can teach the pet to a set of useful skills, having registered in our videocourses on education and training of dogs by humane methods.

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