• Aug 19, 2020

Some dogs, having caught sight of a favourite toy, just lose head. They begin to jump on the owner, to be enough him for clothes, to bark – only to catch the desirable somewhat quicker! This behavior which delivers to owners it is a lot of unpleasant experiences. How to correct a situation and to teach a dog to self-checking in the presence of a favourite toy?

Dogs Play with Photo Toys
of the Photo: pixabay.com

It is necessary for you to teach a dog to the important rule. That to receive a toy, behave in paws! to receive the desirable, make that, what is asked by the owner. The dog can sit down, stand all four paws on the earth or to offer some other behavior demonstrating that it controls itself. And as soon as she will make it, right there hand her a toy.

Give to a dog an opportunity to play, then exchange a toy for delicacy and repeat exercise.

It is gradually possible to increase time during which the dog shows self-checking miracles. And also to complicate a situation, swinging before the pet a toy, throwing it on floor, running away with it, etc. You remember only the important rule: complexity of a task increases very gradually! Move small steps that not to provoke a canine friend to mistakes.

Do not forget also, that this exercise hard is given to excitable dogs. So consider specific features of a dog, planning occupations. However for excitable dogs the ability to behave in paws is especially important!

However, ability it is necessary to control itself to all dogs. And to teach self-checking it is necessary both puppies, and adults of dogs.

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