• Feb 7, 2020

the Stress – an integral part of life of any being. However It is necessary to distinguish эустресс which positively affects vitality and promotes mobilization of forces, and the distress which it is destructive affects an organism.

Like us, dogs test a stress . How to understand that at your dog a stress?

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the stress Reasons at dogs

The excessive stress can be caused in dogs by the following reasons:

  1. Loneliness.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Close contact which the dog would like to avoid .
  4. Thirst or hunger (both the shortage of food and water, and the cruel methods of training based on deprivation of a dog of water and food "for bigger motivation").
  5. Cold.
  6. Lack of attention.
  7. Fear.
  8. Excessive stimulation (physical or mental), overloads.
  9. Boredom.
  10. Disease.
  11. Bol.
  12. Punishments.

As the stress at dogs is shown at the physiological level?

When the dog endures a stress, in her organism there are changes:

  1. Heart pumps over blood quicker, heartbeat accelerates.
  2. Depth and rate of breath increase.
  3. muscles are Stronger reduced.
  4. the blood-groove to a bladder and in intestines Decreases.
  5. Blood vessels are narrowed.

All this cannot but affect also behavior of dogs.

As the stress affects behavior of a dog?

That the dog endures an excessive stress we can say when the dog cannot influence a situation in which it appeared, or does not know what waits for it further, that is the world of a dog is full of dangers, unpredictability and chaos.

As a rule, in response to threat animals show behavior which fits into a framework 4F:

  • to run (flight) cowardice, excessive shyness
  • is b>
  • to fight (fight) , including, apparently, unmotivated
  • is b>
  • to fawn (fawn) – for example, the dog shows signals of reconciliation or does a pool when the owner comes home
  • or to stand (freeze) .
And if the first three are evident (in any case, to the person who understands language of dogs any) and is chance that the owner will address the expert, then often do not pay attention to dying down – and in vain.

Reaction of dying down at dogs is dangerous that externally the animal can look normally, just it has infectious diseases, wool drops out, dandruff develops. And once you cure one, another right there becomes aggravated …

 the Stress at a dog of a photo

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How to understand that at a dog a stress?

There are signs by which it is possible to determine a condition of a stress at dogs.

  1. Expanded pupils (so-called "wild" look).
  2. the Speeded-up pulse.
  3. Heavy breath.
  4. the Increased perspiration of paws (there can be traces on a floor).
  5. Erection.
  6. Concern.
  7. Itch and/or dandruff.
  8. the Dog gnaws a lead, bites the owner for clothes, etc.
  9. the Increased thirst.
  10. the Dog badly smells.
  11. the Unpleasant smell from a mouth.
  12. of Razlizyvaniye or biting paws and/or other parts of a body.
  13. Destructive behavior (damage of things, etc.)
  14. urine Incontinence.
  15. Tight muscles.
Should considering that reactions at different dogs are shown differently, however these signs have to guard the owner.

It is important to pay attention to any manifestations of a stress at a dog and if you cannot help the pet independently, ask for the help experts.

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