• Jun 17, 2020

Is opinion that dogs and wolves not so differ the friend from the friend. Like, if to grow up a wolf cub as a dog, he will precisely behave also. Whether this opinion and what nevertheless dogs differ from wolves in is fair?

Eyes of a Dog Close Up of a Photo
of the Photo: pixabay.com

Хотя scientists established that genetically dogs and wolves "coincide" for 99.8%, nevertheless their behavior in many respects differs. And very obviously showed it the experiment made by scientists of the university of Budapest (Hungary).

Researchers took still blind wolf cubs also began to raise them as dogs (at the same time at each of scientists there was an experience of education of puppies). They spent with kids 24 hours a day, constantly carried them with themselves. And in the beginning it seemed that cubs of a wolf differ in nothing from puppies. However soon nevertheless obvious differences were shown.

Growing up wolf cubs, unlike dogs, did not seek to cooperate with the person at all. They actually did what was found necessary, and on gram did not interest them actions and desires of people.

If people were going to have breakfast and opened the refrigerator, the wolf cub right there materialized and snatched out the first that will come across tooth, without paying any attention to the bans of the person. Wolf cubs strove to destroy everything, jumped on tables, dumped things from shelves, protection of a resource was very distinctly shown . And the farther, the situation became worse. As a result keeping of wolf cubs in the house turned into torture.

Then scientists in a number of experiments compared wolf cubs and puppies of one age. Unlike puppies, wolf cubs did not react to indicating gestures the person, they tried to avoid visual contact with people, and in tests on attachment did not do to a target= a big difference between "the" person and other representatives of a type of Homo Sapiyens. In fact, wolf cubs behaved as well as in the conditions of the wild habitat.

The experiment proved that education has very small value, and differences of wolves from dogs nevertheless not in living conditions. So as try, the wolf cannot be turned into a dog. And these differences – result not of education, and process domestication .

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