• Feb 7, 2020

to understand that it is pleasant to a dog that is not pleasant and why she behaves anyway. Of course, as well as we, all dogs are persons with the preferences so each of dogs is happy (and she is unfortunate) in own way. However scientific approach allowed to determine to wellbeing of animals by a target= basic of requirement of any animal, so, we have an opportunity to estimate whether well is to it to the pet and whether your dog is happy.

The Red Fluffy Dog Smiles to a Photo

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Nevertheless, among owners of dogs various myths are still widespread, and not always human idea of happiness coincides with real wellbeing the pet. Paul Mcgreevy and Melissa Starling marked out 10 delusions of owners concerning whether their dog is happy.

10 main delusions of owners concerning whether their dog is happy

  1. Dogs, as well as people, like to share . People can rationalize need to share important resources with other people and to appreciate advantage of the fact that they share with someone. However dogs prefer to hold the property all teeth and as it is possible more strong. For this reason categorically it is not recommended to select at dogs of a toy or food if you did not teach the pet to perceive quietly such actions of you (and to trust you).
  2. Dogs always like manifestations of love from the person . Very often people show the love, embracing and squeezing dogs. Dogs are not capable of such manifestations of love, respectively, not always derive pleasure from similar courtesies. Moreover, many dogs perceive embraces and kisses (and in general approximations of a human face to the muzzle) as threat. The same treats also attempts to stroke or clap a dog on the head.
  3. Bark and growl of a dog – always threat or danger to the person . This behavior of dogs which intensity increases in process of increase in intensity of an incentive. The dog who growls most often just asks to give her more space that she could feel safe. And any dog, irrespective of education and the level of proficiency, needs the bigger personal space from time to time. As a rule, dogs use in the beginning weaker signals , but, unfortunately, many dogs already learned by bitter experience that people to them are deaf and weak signals do not work so at once pass to growl.
  4. The dog will be glad if the unfamiliar dog comes to her house . Dogs they have descendants of wolves, so, in blood the aspiration to protect what belongs to them. It belongs including to the territory of the house and all resources which are there. Your canine friend is not aware that the guest with other dog whom you invited that "doggies could play" will leave then. He perceives a visit of other dog as invasion. So, it is absolutely logical to expect what, to put it mildly, to it will not rejoice.
  5. Dogs, as well as people, like to idle . We come back home from work and sometimes very much we appreciate an opportunity "to stay vegetable", for example, to lie down on a sofa and to watch series. However dogs already spend the most part of time of the house, and to them, on the contrary, it gives pleasure an opportunity to go to walk. So dogs appreciate change of a situation much more, than passive rest.
  6. The violent dog is a friendly dog . "Friendliness" is perceived by all dogs differently. And if one dog can perceive the violent relative as the excellent companion for games, others can regard such behavior as aggression manifestation. And owners of violent dogs sometimes are surprised that some other dogs are not enraptured at a meeting with their favourite at all. Some dogs prefer more reserved greetings, and they need more personal space.
  7. The dog runs up to someone when she wants to play . Sometimes owners are lost when their dog runs up to the person or other dog is seemingly friendly, and then growls or even bites them. Perhaps, these dogs wanted to approach someone to obtain information, to study an object, but not for interaction, and some dogs in principle like to communicate with strangers, but at some point they can be frightened or overexcited. If you noticed such behavior for the dog, it is better to withdraw her from unfamiliar dogs or people.
  8. If you have a big yard, it is not obligatory to walk a dog . Dogs spend in the house and in the yard a lot of time that the situation bothers them and they suffer from boredom. Even if at you the big yard, it not justification of absence walking . It is important to dogs to receive new impressions, to communicate with hoyazeva, relatives and to play. And they adore doing it in a new situation so time spent out of your yard – the best entertainment for them.
  9. Dogs intentionally show disobedience when they do not execute your command . In most cases, if the dog does not obey , she cannot just make that you demand from it. She or does not understand what you want, or at her is much (much!) stronger motivation to make something else. Besides, dogs badly generalize so if the dog perfectly sits down on command at you in kitchen when you hold delicacy in hand, it is not obligatory at all that it will understand that it means yours "to Sit!", when it walks in the forest without lead. And even if your dog precisely knows that she means "to Sit", but you trained only in a quiet situation of the house, hardly the dog will execute your command when the door is rung by the guest or other dogs on the street invite her to play.
  10. Bark, clicking by teeth and breakthroughs on a lead – the first signs of an unhappy dog . As it was already mentioned, dogs signal in the beginning about the trouble and concern weaker signals , for example, avoid to look to you in the face, lick lips, raise a paw, strain facial muscles. If the person does not see these signals, the dog tries to avoid contact with what disturbs her and if the person remains is deaf, behavior problems which are more obvious to the inattentive owner – for example, growl or clicking by teeth are gradually shown .
Is very important to be able to understand language of dogs and it is correct to interpret what the dog wants "to tell" you. Only in this case you will understand whether your dog is happy and as it is possible to make her happy.

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