• Sep 16, 2019
the Cat very obviously signals about the state and mood. Our task — to learn to distinguish its signals and to master cat's language at least at basic level.

Language of a body of a cat

Some cats are more talkative, others — less, but if you long time live side by side with this fluffy creation, then willy-nilly learn to understand what they want to tell you about.

to understand a cat, it is necessary to learn to decipher her signals, both verbal, and nonverbal. And to do it in a complex.

For example, says following "set" of signs that the cat asks you to stop:
  • Concern.
  • Twitching by a tail.
  • Twitching or pressing of ears.
  • the Head moves towards your hands.
If you see similar, it is better to leave the favourite alone. Otherwise she just about will stick into you claws or will seize teeth a wrist!
 Grey British cat

Photo: google.com

Signals of eyes of a cat

If cat's pupils extend repeatedly for couple of seconds — means, your favourite just noticed something menacing or, on the contrary, extremely attractive. Sharp narrowing of pupils marks transition to aggression.

of an Eye of a cat most often are widely opened , expressing concern or interest. However it is necessary to learn to distinguish "stare" — sign of extreme hostility.

If the cat is absolutely quiet , her eyes are half-closed. If sleeps or with something it is very happy — are closed absolutely.

If cats fight, then the losing party can "throw out a white flag" — to turn away and close eyes . The fight will instantly stop.

Signals of ears of a cat

If a cat is weakened , tips of ears look forward and a few outside.

If ears twitch, so something is not pleasant to a cat , or she worries .

the ears which are Densely pressed to the head testify to readiness to be protected .

If ears are pressed not up to the end and developed sideways, the cat signals that is not afraid of a fight and will attack as soon as the opponent moves.

Signals of a tail of a cat

If a cat is quiet , the tail is lowered down, but the tip at the same time "looks" up.

says Vertical position of a tail that the cat is glad you to see .

If a cat is ready to pairing , she takes a tail aside.

An intimidation signal is the tail lowered down and fluffed up. And if it is shaken here and there — the small animal is ready to attack.

of a tip is a symbol of accruing of tension .

If a tail moves sharply, the cat whips them herself on each side — it is in rage .

Expression of humility — completely lowered tail. The cat can even push it between hind legs.

When a tail measuredly moves here and there, so the cat is happy with life .

 Grey striped cat

Photo: google.com

Poses of a cat

The threat pose looks as follows: paws are extended and strained, the back is curved, wool on end.

the Cat protecting posterity threatens in a different way: it jumps up on the extended and direct paws, turning to the malefactor sideways.

If a cat is frightened, but is not ready to fight , it is pressed in the earth, presses ears and pulls a tail. If it is not possible to run away and peace talks failed, the cat exposes before herself a sharp-clawed forepaw. If it did not help, she lays down on a back and exposes towards to the enemy all four paws, shows the teeth.

Bright demonstration of satisfaction and slackness — situation on a back or on one side when the cat shows a defenseless tummy. She scatters paws in the parties, sometimes squeezes small pillows and unclenches, but does not show the teeth.

If the cat in confusion also does not know what to undertake, she can begin to lick herself. It calms a fluffy and, removes stress.

Shuffle by claws

Is behavior newborn kittens when suck milk show. But sometimes adult cats "sink into dotage" and, sitting on a lap at the owner, begin to purr and to serially show the teeth of one and other paw, resting them against your legs. As claws at the pet sharp, owners are seldom madly happy and lower the favourite on a floor. What extremely puzzles a cat: she showed absolute and not turbid happiness! It is one of the most striking examples of misunderstanding between our types.
Remember that we, owners, for cats personify a certain replacement of parents, we provide them to all necessary. And concerning people the domestic cat always remains a kitten.

 the Grey kitten jumps

Photo: google.com

Voice signals of a cat

  1. " to Me it is good " . All of you heard how cats purr. So they tell people around what be at them all right.
  2. " Hi, I missed! " the Cat makes the chirping quiet sound. You for certain heard it when came back home after long absence or when the cat mother called for herself cubs. The small animal at the same time often rubs about your legs, and podborodochny glands excrete low odor substance which leaves tags — as well as those with which the cat "marks" other friendly animals.
  3. " to Me it is painful!!! " About severe pain wild shout signals.
  4. " I am afraid! " This guttural, disturbing sound is similar to howl. As a rule, it is distributed when the opponent surpassing in force drove a cat into a corner. But it and prevention: "I will be protected". The cat can curve a back, rear wool, fluff up a tail to seem more and more angrily. It can also hiss and be spat.
  5. " Attention! Attention! " It is a wide range of miaow, from silent and soft to exacting and loud. An impression is sometimes made that the cat relies a little upon our intelligence therefore developed the whole system of sounds to let know what she wants. And many owners on sad are "Meow" trained to throw right there everything and to fill a bowl with food.
  6. " I am angry! " you heard how cats fight? For certain you were woken by this noise more than once: cats publish chaotic mix of rumbling, howl, grumble and growl. Two cats competing for attention of the great lady and the dead will lift.
  7. " I will reach you! " the Cats living in the apartment sometimes "yelp" or clatter with teeth. Usually it is connected with emergence outside the window of inaccessible production (for example, birds). This expression of disappointment.

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