• Aug 21, 2019
Researchers from the University of Lincoln (Great Britain) tried to determine by

musical tastes of gray African parrots (жако).

To two males and one female suggested to listen to a set of rhythmical songs of the repertoire U2, Joan Baez and music in style of a reggae.

According to zoologists, music was pleasant to parrots. They moved to a step, echoed, using a stock of human words.

As opposed to dynamic modern music, parrots suggested to listen to cantatas by Bach. Strangely enough, but parrots relaxed and cleaned feathers .

Inspired by excellent results, scientists suggested males жако to press the touch screen with two big buttons. If pressed the first button, the 15-second fragment of a dancing dynamic melody sounded, when pressing the second button quieter meditative melody sounded.

The touch screen stood in a cage at parrots within a month. During this time zoologists found out that though parrots had no objection to listen to both songs, one of them preferred a brisk dynamic melody, and others — quiet.

At the same time it became clear that parrots not against to listen to dance popular music, but only not in electronic option. Electronic pop music without voice plunged them into a stress, birds behaved uneasily and is noisy. It managed to be noticed not during the special experiment, and thanks to musical tastes of staff of laboratory who listened to the music within the audibility of parrots.

Thus, zoologists managed to show that birds have no uniform general tastes (at least, at parrots) that in the same place at the same time different individuals can prefer different melodies.

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