• Aug 21, 2019

We continue to publish nicknames of dogs and their value. Today turn of the second letter of the alphabet.


Perhaps, so call dogs in honor of the heroine of the movie "The Babette Takes the Field".

It is kind, cheerful, playful dogs. Very much like to play with children.

The nickname suits Scottish Terriers, dachshunds, poodles, tiny spitz-dogs.


The nickname is cast by the fairy tale by Rudyard Kipling.

It is a quiet, appeasable, self-assured dog. The excellent hunter and the watchman, can master a set of tricks.

She is very clean. After walk itself can wait that to it wiped paws.

The nickname suits large sleek-haired dogs.


In translation from Latin "others", "unknown".

Character quite simple and steady. Such dog usually behaves unostentatiously and quietly, spends the most part of time in the secluded place.

Well studies if owners do not show the excessive pressure or roughness.

The nickname suits thoroughbred dogs of the average sizes.


A noble title in the European states and the name of the Gipsy leader.

A strong, quiet dog with pronounced self-respect.

Verna to owners, vigilant watchman and reliable, self-sacrificing defender. Tries to be useful even without team.

To children shows benevolent condescension.

The nickname suits German shepherds, a collie, St. Bernards and mastiffs.


Is more often so call cats, but also dogs meet such name.

It is small, playful, benevolent doggies, sociable and unpretentious.

Most of all nickname suits small and the average size to long-haired dogs.


So call a sandy embankment.

These dogs are true and betrayed to owners, but are quite aggressive to strangers. "Winter" dogs especially strong and angry, it is worth walking them in a muzzle – can attack other dogs.

They well give in to training, courageous and resolute. In fights show exact and lightning reaction. Excellent watchmen.

The nickname suits mastiffs, the Caucasian and Central Asian sheep-dogs and wolfhounds.


As a rule, so call small doggies of a light color.

It is quiet, tender, affectionate beings. Willingly study, are on friendly terms with children and cats, successfully act in circus.

Most lap dogs suit a nickname.


Widespread English name. In literature these heroines, as a rule, are carriers of ideals of purity and virtue.

Such dogs are quiet, betrayed to family, are benevolent.

At the same time they are strong, courageous, vigilant watchmen and defenders.

To strangers are not aggressive, but are mistrustful, are always ready to react to hostile actions adequately.

The nickname suits dogs of the different sizes and breeds, but most of all – long-haired.


The nickname became popular after the movie "White Bim Black Ear".

It is kind, devoted, clever dogs. Are very tied to the house, love children and are able to be grateful for the benevolent and fair relation.

The nickname suits dogs of the average sizes, thoroughbred and not purebred.


The name of the country in Southeast Asia.

It is big, strong, in usual conditions quite quiet dogs. In extreme conditions they are resolute and extremely aggressive. Well give in to training. Excellent defenders and watchmen.

The nickname suits riesenschnauzers, American cocker spaniels, a collie and German shepherds.


In translation from Spanish – "pretty", "graceful".

These dogs are quite impulsive, restless, subject to differences of mood. Walking without lead is not recommended.

The nickname suits Japanese chins, toy terriers, the English and Irish setters, black terriers and the Irish wolfhounds.


It is a nezloblivy watchdog, the general favourite and the participant of children's entertainments.

It is quiet, it is easily trained. Is able to pay in good for good.


It is strong, courageous dogs, quiet and tempered. They almost are never ill, are unpretentious and are not choosy in food.

Fast, jumping, love children and in the winter with pleasure ride them on the sledge.

Loyal friends and excellent watchmen.

The nickname suits likes, sheep-dogs, bulldogs, mastiffs, setters and the Afghan borzois.


This tender, good-natured being, true to owners and reliably protecting the house in which it is the full member of family.

The nickname suits both little, and big dogs, but it is better for a collie, fox terriers, tsvergshnautser, Japanese chins and Pekineses.

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