• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "E"?


Value of this nickname – "Excellent", "Noble".

As a rule, the dog who carries this nickname is beautiful, disciplined and devoted. Edgar keeps at a distance (and in direct, and figuratively), treats the owner with respect, but to strangers shows suspiciousness. To themselves these dogs, by the way, too demand respect.

Children are usually loved.

The nickname will suit a large thoroughbred dog, for example, of Moscow sentry more .


The dog who carries this nickname can be quite irritable, and in games is so hazardous that can unintentionally bite the owner.

However, these dogs well study. But only under a condition if the owner treats a dog quietly and exactly.

As a rule, a dog by nickname Elba is very affectionate and endures change of the owner hardly, from melancholy can ache.

The nickname suits to a mastiff more , to the American pit bull terrier , to a Dobermann terrier , the South Russian sheep-dog , to a Jagdterrier or to the English setter .

 Dobermann terrier of a photo Photo:


This Scandinavian name.

Dogs who carry this nickname, usually balanced, quiet, executive. They have a good memory, they perfectly study and diligently serve.

Most of all nickname will suit to a mastiff , to the Newfoundland dog , of a collie or to the English setter .


Value of this nickname – "Lord".

A dog who carries this nickname, strong and graceful, extremely quick-witted and clever. At these dogs magnificent memory and ability to study.

In an extreme situation this dog can be very energetic and brave.

As a rule, all family members madly love this dog, and she answers with so boundless devotion.

The nickname suits to a Kerry Blue Terrier more or to an airdale .


Value of this nickname – "Goddess of War".

As a rule, it is quite emotional dogs, at first sight quite friendly, but are sometimes capable to show aggression.

Dogs who carry this nickname study, willingly, however sometimes are inattentive.

The nickname will suit of a collie more , to a poodle , to a mastiff , to a pug , of a chow-chow or a dachshund .


Value of this nickname – "Noble Friend".

It is a beautiful, strong and large dog who kindly treats members of the family, but at the same time can become the fearless soldier in case of danger.

As a rule, it is very clever dogs who seize all on the fly and can be quite good actors.

Eteluin is usually unpretentious, easily adapts to any conditions. This is the loyal friend, the imposing satellite and the reliable watchman.

The nickname will suit to a black terrier more .


The character of a dog who carries this nickname is difficult, but if the owner makes efforts on education, then will receive the reliable and obedient pet.

Efra, as a rule, the beautiful dog capable to become a ring star.

In communication with these dogs it is necessary to combine reasonable persistence and caress.

The nickname suits to a Welsh Terrier more , to a Kerry Blue Terrier , to the Irish terrier or to an airdale .

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