• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "Ch"?


As a rule, a nickname Charlik is a pet name of a good-natured small doggie, the tender and playful partner.

Charlik is nice, likes to share a bed with owners and is not capable to stand for himself at all.

 Chihuahua of a photo

Photo: pixabay.com


The reduced name of the person.

As a rule, the dog who carries this nickname is allocated with appeasable and good-natured character. She loves полаять on strangers, but does not show aggression.

Dogs with such name are selflessly betrayed by everything to members of the family of the favourite owner.


As a rule, this nickname is given to dogs who resemble the famous hero of books and animated films superficially.

This nickname is given to both dogs, and boughs.

Dogs by nickname Cheburashka usually mobile, live "calls". And though watchmen from them unimportant, for such little dog it is not a shortcoming.

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