• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by nicknames of dogs on letter "L"?


Ancient Russian name and also address.

Dogs who carry this nickname – quiet, devoted and clever, in an extreme situation show dedication and courage. Study well.

The nickname suits big and strong dogs, for example, of to Rottweilers more or to riesenschnauzers .

the Rottweiler from nursery "Armandi Gold"


This Latvian name.

The dog by the name of Laima most often judicious and quiet, perfectly studies. This is the reliable watchman who at the same time often wins on an exhibition ring.

The lime almost never runs away, but will walk much more willingly with the hostess, than with the owner.

The nickname suits quite large dogs more: to the American pit bull terrier , of a collie , to a Dobermann terrier , to a kurtskhaar or to the English setter .

 American pit bull terrier
the American pit bull terrier, the owner — Anastasia Demenchuk


So the South American animal with long dense wool is called.

The dogs carrying this nickname balanced and kind, obedient and executive, with pleasure play with children.

These dogs, as a rule, well study.

The nickname most of all suits to basset hounds or to setters .


Value of this nickname in Kyrgyz – "expensive".

It is most often a reliable, quiet dog, very clean and not creating to owners of problems. At the same time on her it is safely possible to leave protection at home and the property – the stranger will not leave the room without the permission of the owner.

The nickname suits large dogs, such as the Central Asian sheep-dog , Moscow sentry or a mastiff .


Value of this nickname in Norwegian – "snake".

However on character of a dog it is value of a nickname is not reflected. Dogs by the name of Linda, as a rule, playful, kind, pleasant in communication and easily trained.

It is the general favourite of all family who is touchingly attached to the owner and the reliable watchman.

The nickname most of all will suit to a cocker spaniel , to a setter , a laika , to a basset hound or a kurtskhaara .


Value of this nickname – "left" "to disappear", "leave".

These dogs are allocated with restless, impulsive character, however at the same time obedient and kind, adores travel.

To owners it is attached, but not really loves children. And studies willingly and can quite act in circus.

The nickname most of all suits to a bloodhound , to a terrier or to a setter .


Value of this nickname – "esteeming God".

A dog by nickname Louise is allocated with quite difficult character, and the correct education is extremely important here.

It is possible to teach Louise to anything. These dogs can both protect the house, and to work as circus actors.

The nickname most of all will suit to a mastiff , to a mittelschnauzer or to the boxer .


Value of this nickname – "belonging".

Lucia is a balanced, quiet dog who easily studies. It is many-sided: can become the great watchman who is not recognizing compromises with strangers and also the circus actor or a star of an exhibition ring.

The nickname most of all will suit to a mastiff , to a mittelschnauzer , to a riesenschnauzer or to an airdale .

Airdales, the photo is provided by Natalya Didenok

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