• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "M"?


This bible name.

At puppyish age of a dog, carrying this nickname, very bright, but at the same time appeasable and kind.

At adult age Magdalene is a fearless, strong, beautiful dog who willingly studies new.

These dogs like both to participate in childish sports, and to win at competitions, and to a victory move with passion.

The nickname most of all will suit to a St. Bernard , to an airdale , to a black terrier , to a Rottweiler , to the Irish wolfhound .



Sometimes this nickname is given to small room or domestic doggies.

It is appeasable, kind dogs who perfectly study and can master difficult circus numbers.

Dogs who carry this nickname are unpretentious and obedient.


Value of this nickname – "given rise in March".

Mark can be stubborn and quite cunning, is capable to bite not attracted person stealthily. To strangers it is mistrustful.

However, this dog can be tender and kind if finds necessary.

In food Mark is unpretentious, but is not indifferent to sweets.

The nickname will suit a little thoroughbred dog more.

 Papilyon of a photo


As a rule, this nickname is given to domestic doggies, appeasable, playful and good-natured.

Sometimes this nickname "is pasted" to room doggies of the small size which execute purely decorative functions.


So the city in Italy is called. Though, perhaps, this nickname comes from the word "darling".

Carriers of this nickname – good-natured, large, quiet dogs. They are obedient and judicious, worship children.

The nickname will suit a hunting dog more.


It is an appeasable and kind dog who is infinitely devoted to owners and is ready to join hazardously in games with children.

At the same time the Milord – the great watchman who will not leave chances to thieves and also a purposeful and tenacious police dog, the great actor or the precautionary guide for the blind person.

Adores new impressions and it is always ready to go to a travel.

The nickname most of all suits to airdales and to riesenschnauzers .

 Airdale of a photo


Value of this nickname – "similar to the Lord".

These dogs, as a rule, gentle, tender, sincerely betrayed and able to show gratitude for the good address.

Most of all nickname will suit to a small poodle or a dachshund .


This nickname often give to German shepherds .

Mukhtar is a devoted, faithful, kind dog, an excellent police dog and the watchman.

In an extreme situation this dog shows absolute fearlessness and is ready to stand up for those whom loves, to the death.


Value of this nickname – "May", and still "a hawthorn flower".

These dogs are allocated with unstable character therefore require special attention from early age.

In the course of training they are not too attentive, but if to pick up to them a key, are capable to acquire the main skills. However, it is very beautiful and kind dogs.

The nickname suits to Italian greyhounds more or to poodles .

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