• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "P"?


This nickname is very widespread among mongrels and of sheep-dogs .

Palma is a reliable, unpretentious and quiet dog, well studies, however sometimes likes to chase cars.

Dogs who carry this nickname, most often faultless watchmen.

 German shepherd of a photo


As a rule, this nickname is given to the watchdogs who are carrying out the watchman's duties.

Perhaps Polkan is not too kind dog, however carries out the duties perfectly. But here cats and small dogs obviously dislikes.


Most likely, the nickname is connected with external data of a fluffy puppy.

The down is the good-natured and cheerful dog devoted to family of the owner lovely and tender, willingly plays with children.

The down differs in comprehension and is capable to master elementary training.

The nickname suits to lap dogs more and to other little long-haired dogs.

 Lap dog of a photo

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