• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "P"?


The value of this nickname came from the word "rejoice".

Rada – a strong, benevolent, cheerful dog. She adores barking loudly, with pleasure masters different knowledge and shines at competitions.

The nickname most of all suits large thoroughbred to dogs.

 the Mastiff lies on a photo grass


Value of this nickname – "queen".

Dogs who bear this name, pride and beautiful. They have quiet character, but at the same time to themselves know the price, and even familiarities are not allowed master's children.

As a rule, such dogs well, but as they are very not indifferent to cats study, it is worth walking them on a lead.

Most of all nickname suits to an American cocker spaniel , to a setter or of the Afghan borzoi .


Value of this nickname – "to dominate", "will of gods".

Reynold – уравновешенаня, the quiet dog, perfectly studies and with pleasure takes part in childish sports.

The nickname most of all will suit to a mastiff .


Value of this nickname – "tsar" (Latinas.)

Rex is a large, strong dog, the reliable and vigilant watchman.

These dogs are a little sharp and irrepressible, but it is compensated by their comprehension and devotion.

Most of all nickname suits to German shepherds and to large metises .


It is a variation of the woman's name "Margarita".

Dogs who carry such nickname are executive, obedient and quiet. They do not give the owner surprises, well study and hazardously join in childish sports.

The nickname will suit to a spitz-dog , a papilyona , to a Japanese chin , to a Pekinese or to a dwarfish poodle .


Value of this nickname – "courageous", "strong", "powerful".

This nickname is carried by dogs well matched to its value: resolute, courageous and strong.

Dogs with such name are clever, are perfectly trained, in a soldier's way are unpretentious, willingly play with children and protect them.

The nickname most of all will suit to a mastiff .


Such name was born by the character of the opera "Aida".

Character at these dogs quite difficult, but they will appreciate justice and the sequence from the owner.

These dogs can be quite aggressive to cats and the relatives so it is better to walk with them on a lead. But it is the excellent watchman.

The nickname will suit a large dog: to the Irish wolfhound , to a St. Bernard , to the Central Asian sheep-dog , to a German shepherd .

 Irish wolfhound of a photo

Saffron milk cap

As a rule, such nickname is carried by a small doggie of a red color.

Temper at the Saffron milk cap appeasable and quiet, it cheerfully plays with children and willingly studies.

The nickname will suit a small mongrel .

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