• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by a nickname of your dog on letter "T"?


Of course, the dog who carries this nickname is fully not capable to show outstanding qualities of the character of works Ch. Burroughs, however nevertheless is allocated with strong character, courage and devotion.

The nickname suits as to a mongrel , and a large thoroughbred dog .

 the Black-and-white dog on a grass

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Tim, Timothy, Timoshka

Variations of this nickname matter "Esteeming God".

Dogs who were given derivative of this nickname are quiet and balanced. As a rule, owners have with them no special efforts.

It is clever dogs who well study, they are not sensitive and peaceful, like to float and go in the car. Such dog brings the world, joy and heat to the house.

The nickname suits a small dog .


The dog who carries this nickname, as a rule, kind and nezavyazchivy, well feels the atmosphere in the house and sensitively reacts to its changes.

Having extraordinary sensitivity, Tina suffers together with owners if in the house there is misfortune.

The nickname suits to a poodle more or to a Japanese chin .

 Japanese chin of a photo


This nickname of a dog means "Good name" and sounds quite sharply.

The carrier of this nickname is allocated with difficult character, is sharp and impulsive, loudly barks, having caught any rustle. However, it is the quite good watchman.

The nickname suits to thoroughbred and not purebred dogs of the average sizes more .


This name, quite popular in the English-speaking countries.

Dogs who carry this nickname, as a rule, kind, balanced and clever, hardworking and capable pupils.

Also it is the conscientious and devoted watchman.

The nickname suits dogs of any breed .

 Dog of the American bulldog of a photo


Value of this nickname – "Twin".

These dogs are usually allocated with stubborn and strong character, not too love society of children, however as watchmen are very reliable.

The nickname suits to a bull terrier more .

 Bull terrier of a photo


Value of this nickname – "coin".

Character of dogs who carry this nickname quiet and equal, these dogs are deprived of affectation and capriciousness, are unpretentious to conditions of keeping.

The tugrik easily and willingly studies, kindly concerns children and at the same time can guard the apartment. This is a self-sacrificing and strong-willed dog who in case of danger furiously attacks the enemy.

The nickname suits to sheep-dogs more .


Character of these dogs quite difficult, restless and unbalanced. These dogs wish to go to an independent travel and полаять in an occasion and without. But as the house watchman, as a rule, prove to be not bad.

The nickname suits a watchdog more .


Value of this nickname of a dog – "Lake".

Carriers of this nickname are allocated with appeasable and kind character, devotion. They are unpretentious and easily study, willingly play with children and get on with other animals.

The nickname will approach as thoroughbred , and not purebred to a dog.

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