• Aug 21, 2019

What is meant by nicknames of dogs on letter "Z"?


A nickname Zantus matters "dun", "yellow".

As a rule, it is carried by red dogs, high, noble, full of elegance and advantage. It seems, this dog is simply created for royal rooms.

Zantus is a passionate hunter, but at the same time – the careful and tender nurse and also a cosiness source in the house.

The nickname most of all suits the Irish setter.

 Irish setter


The dogs carrying such nickname – as a rule, true children of the nature, unpretentious, fearless and hardy.

These dogs are allocated with quite strict character, empty games it not to liking. They accurately realize the debt and faultlessly carry out it. In principle, they not too need training as are by nature allocated with necessary skills. However it is difficult to such dog to live in the city.

The nickname most of all suits the Central Asian, South Russian and Caucasian sheep-dogs.

 South Russian sheep-dog


In translation from Hebrew this nickname matters "Shadow".

Carriers of this nickname – the balanced, quiet dogs allocated with self-respect. They are conscientious watchmen and quite successful athletes. Besides, even difficult tricks come to them easily and they are not afraid of the camera that makes dogs by the name of Zilli good actors.

The nickname suits bassets, dachshunds, the Scottish terriers and bloodhounds.



The carrier of this nickname – a prompt, courageous and strong dog.

It is unpretentious in conditions of keeping and in food a dog, the loyal friend of owners.

The nickname most of all suits likes.

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