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Sometimes even ideal owners have difficulties with education and training of dogs. And the logical decision in that case is the address to the professional – to the trainer, or the instructor. But the good owner differs from not really good in the fact that he carefully chooses to whom to entrust the favourite pet. Because not all trainers are equally useful.

 Caesar Mylan of a photo

On a photo: so-called "the translator with dog" Caesar Mylan and dogs who feel obviously ill at ease. Photo: cnn.com

For an example we will take one person about whom all fans of dogs heard, probably. It "the translator with dog" Caesar Mylan, a star of National Geographic channel. However those who trust this person or his follower of the dogs and also are guided by his councils often face aggravation of psychological problems at the pet and emergence of physiological. And it very easily speaks.

Absence at the trainer of knowledge

The matter is that Caesar Mylan is a person without any education in the sphere of cynology or zoopsychology, and methods which he uses are based on outdated knowledge and, to put it mildly, are not humane.

One of myths which are so diligently cultivated and supported by Caesar Mylan – the myth about "dominance", that the owner by all means has to be a leader and suppress the aspiration of a dog to take the predominating place.

However this principle was based on observations of how wolves unfamiliar each other were placed in absolutely unnatural conditions with extremely limited territory and a lack of resources. The Dr.Sci.Biol. of L. David Mech in 1999 (!) proved that the theory of domination has under itself no reasons. In normal pack of wolves of it does not occur.

But it did not prevent some trainers to transfer relationship that unfortunate locked in a cage of the wolves who are brought together in a random way (which can be compared unless to prison of a high security) to the attitudes of a dog towards the owner.

This delusion which still costs much to a huge number of the dogs suffering from a chronic stress owing to the wrong, inhumane relation from owners. As a result, for example, the harmless two-month puppy or the good-natured clodhopper Labrador to whom did not explain the rule of conduct are exposed to tortures and tortures.

If this "translator" or his followers at least worked to read results of more modern researches, they, perhaps, were ashamed. But they do not need it. "Domination" — the convenient myth which shifts responsibility for "failures" in creation of relationship only to a dog and allows to recoup on it.

At the same time – the most awful – all signals from a dog are at all ignored, her language of a body does not undertake in attention. Animals are long and diligently provoked to "bad" behavior, and then terribly it is "adjusted".

Moreover, the identity of a dog is not considered and also the fact that many problems of behavior are connected with problems with health or the wrong contents.

Inhumane methods

You will not call methods of "training" of Caesar Mylan and his followers humane. This intimidation by means of acceptance of the menacing poses, – all that arsenal which by right should be transferred to the museum of Inquisition of animals and to forget blows, a suffocation, breakthroughs for a lead, use of strangleholds and strict collars, "alpha revolution", a hvataniye for withers as a bad dream …

And when dogs show the most severe stress, it is called or signs of dominance (if the unfortunate being still costs on paws), or relaxation (if it does not stand already on feet).

The question as a dog will perceive the owner using similar methods whether she will trust it and with it to cooperate with pleasure, it seems, interests such trainers a little. And in such situation the desperate dog who exhausted all ways to agree peacefully or gets sick from a chronic stress, or goes on a desperate step – shows aggression. From hopelessness, but not because decided to occupy a throne.

Punishment can have temporary effect – when the dog is intimidated and demoralized. However it has very much unpleasant consequences . But "here and now" it can look effectively that bribes ignorant and not persons interested to penetrate into psychology of the pet of owners.

Yes, of course, sometimes sound such phrases as "satisfaction of needs of a dog", but how they will be coordinated with the fact that the unfortunate animal is exposed to tortures? It is the truth it is necessary for a dog? It masochist?
 pressed down a hand of a chihuahua of a photo

Photo: google.ru

I write about Caesar Mylan because it is the most striking example not of the useful, but mean trainer. Fortunately for the dogs living in countries of Western Europe there such methods not in honor and for similar work it is possible to acquire many troubles. Similar methods were flayed by such famous trainers and zoopsychologists as to Anna Lil Kvam, Tyurid Rugos, Barry Eaton, Anders Hallgren, Patricia McConnell and others.

Eventually, today there is a cruelty alternative. A dog it is possible (and it is necessary) to bring up and train without violence and to solve behavioural problems by humane methods. But, certainly, it does not yield instant results and demands patience and time. Though the result is worth it.

What methods cannot be used in education and training of dogs

There is a great way to understand, you deal with the competent trainer or with that whose knowledge of behavior and psychology of dogs became outdated for several decades.

If the trainer uses the following methods for training in obedience, occupations with it will not bring benefit (at least, in the long term):

  1. Causing to a dog of pain (beating, shchipaniye, etc.)
  2. Inhumane ammunition (a strict collar – metal with thorns inside, a stranglehold, an eletroshokovy collar).
  3. Deprivation of food, water or walks.
  4. Breakthroughs for a lead.
  5. Alpha revolutions (alpha throws), a scolding "by the scruff", a hvataniye for a muzzle.
  6. Long isolation of a dog.
  7. Intensive physical activities on purpose "to calm" a dog ("a good dog – the tired dog").

Unfortunately, in our corner of the world such "translators" have a mass of followers who can even be covered with the sign of "frictionless" training.

And therefore responsibility for the choice of the person which it is possible (or it is impossible) to allow to a dog, lies only on the owner. Eventually, to it with this dog to live.
 Caesar Mylan and inhumane methods of a photo

Photo : grunge.com/33255/reasons-never-listen-dog-whisperer

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