• Feb 7, 2020

Search games for dogs – one of types of intellectual entertainments, a great way to occupy the pet and to develop his powers of thinking. How it is correct to organize search games for a dog?

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We offer you of 7 rules of search games for dogs .

  1. there Are different types of search games for dogs, and some of them it is quite possible to make with own hands in house conditions.
  2. Remember that search games tire a dog. Be not overzealous!
  3. For search games it is possible to use the most different objects: plastic cups, boxes from under footwear, plugs from toilet paper and paper towels, old clothes (for example, undershirts, jeans and socks), tennis balls and many other things.
  4. If there is no wish to think out and make games the hands, it is possible to buy special toys in pet-shops.
  5. for a sink and strips of flannel fabric it is possible to build "A snuff rug" From a lattice.
  6. Toys have to be safe for a dog!
  7. Before to leave a dog alone with a toy, be convinced that the pet does not try to swallow of inedible objects.

Do you want to know more? Details and options of the simplest search games you will find in article " Search games for dogs "!

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