• Nov 4, 2020

Though science about behavior of animals goes forward with great strides, unfortunately, still there are "experts", not persons interested to study and adhering to views of training of the dogs accepted unless in Inquisition times. One of such "experts" — so-called "the translator with dog" Caesar Mylan.

The Red Dog Drawn Sad with a Photo
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In what is mistaken "the translator from dog"?

All clients and Caesar Mylan's fans are united by two things: they love the dogs are not known about education and training anything. Really, the ill-bred dog can become serious test and even to represent danger. And it is natural that people who faced difficulties look for the help to live in harmony with the pet. But, alas, "help" time can to turn back a bigger accident for unsophisticated clients.

It is quite natural that the people who do not have ideas of behavior animals, having seen Caesar Mylan on National Geographic channel, come in delight. However and National Geographic sometimes is mistaken.

There is a lot of reasons for which people become Caesar Mylan's admirers. It he is charismatic, radiates confidence, always "knows" what to do, and that else more important – solves a problem quickly. And is what is looked for by many owners – "magic button". For the unsophisticated viewer it seems magic.

But any, having though idea about behavior of animals, right there will tell you: he is mistaken.

Caesar Mylan preaches the principles domination and submission. He even created own labels to hang on "problemy" dogs: a dog from a red zone – an aggressive dog, it is quiet - the subordinate – such has to be a good dog, etc. In the book he tells about 2 reasons of aggression of dogs: "prepotent aggression" — like, the dog is "the natural leader" who was not "задоминирован" properly an owner and therefore became aggressive, trying to take a throne. He calls other type of aggression "aggression of fear" — when the dog behaves aggressively, trying to avoid things which are not pleasant to it. And for both problems at it one "medicine" — domination .

He claims that the majority of problem dogs "just do not respect owners" also were not properly disciplined. He accuses people of hominifying dogs – and it, on the one hand, is fair, but with another – he is categorically he is wrong. All competent experts in behavior of dogs will tell that its installations are wrong, and will explain why.

The majority of theories of Mylan are allegedly based on life of wolves "in the wild nature". The problem is that till 1975 wolves were so actively exterminated what to study them in the wild nature it was very problematic. They were studied in the conditions of bondage where there were "combined packs" in the limited territory. That is, actually, it were prisons of a high security. And therefore to say about what the behavior of wolves in such conditions at least reminds natural, to put it mildly, not absolutely correctly. In practice later the researches conducted really in the wild nature showed that the pack of wolves is family , and the relations between individuals develop as appropriate, based on a personal contact and cast.

The second problem consists that the pack of dogs on structure strongly differs in a target= from wolf. However, we already wrote about it.

And dogs in process domestication began to differ in behavior from wolves quite strongly.

But if the dog is already at all not a wolf, then why recommend to us to treat them as with dangerous wild animals who need "to be kuroshchat and to reduce"?

Why should use other methods of education and correction of behavior of dogs?

Punishment and the so-called immersions method are not ways of correction behavior. Such methods can suppress only behavior – but is temporary. Because teach nothing a dog. And sooner or later problem behavior it will be shown again – and sometimes with a bigger force. At the same time dog, which learned that the owner is dangerous and unpredictable, loses trust, and the owner experiences more and more difficulties in education and training of the pet.

The dog can "behave badly" for several reasons. She can badly to feel, you could teach the pet (let and without wishing that) to "bad" to behavior, the dog can have a negative experience connected with this or that situation, the animal can be badly socialized … But any of these reasons "is not treated" by domination.

For a long time other, more effective and humane methods of training based just on scientific research of behavior of dogs are developed. Having nothing in common with "fight for domination". Besides, the methods based on physical abuse simply are dangerous both to the owner, and to people around because they form aggression (or if carries" (not a dog), the learned helplessness ) and cost much to a target= in the long term.

It is possible to teach a dog to any skills necessary for normal life, only with encouragement use. If, of course, you are not too lazy to create motivation and desire to interact with you at a dog – but to make it is far simpler, than many think.

Many famous and dear professionals in the sphere of training of dogs, such as Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Pat Miller, Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Dr. Suzanne Hetts, flayed Caesar Mylan's methods more than once. Actually, there is no true professional in this sphere who would support similar methods. And the majority directly warns that their use does direct harm and constitutes danger both to a dog, and for owner.

What else can be considered it on this subject?

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