• Sep 25, 2020

Many owners do not doubt that their cats love. But whether the love of a cat to the person is natural to it, congenital or it "education fruit"? Spoiler: both.

Cat's Paw and Hand of the Person of a Photo Close Up
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Doctor Shannon Stanek, DVM, considers that, as well as in a case with people, the love of a cat to the person (and extent of its manifestation) depends on individual features of a cat and also from her previous experience.

And, according to this expert, congenital features and experience are equally important. And the first months of life are the most important. Cats, which more affectionate grew up in close contact with the person, as a rule, and tender. Respectively, vagrant kittens wilder as had no positive experience of communication with people. Nevertheless, the kind relation of the owner who took kitten from the street, can smooth to some extent a situation, and the pet will learn to derive pleasure from communication with the person.

The expert in behavior of cats of Mieshelle Nagelschneider considers that on degree of love of a cat to the person influences a set of factors. And even a cat with very can become the most loving and tender pet in the world adverse past. And the cat who grew in ideal conditions can be unloved and irritable.

What factors influence love of a cat to the owner?

  1. Early hendling (no, it not about exhibitions). Early socialization is of great importance kitten which comes to an end at the age of 7 weeks. It is important that the manufacturer provided to the kid positive experience of interaction with the person and taught to the correct games.
  2. Efforts on gaining trust of a cat. It is necessary to respect personal space of a cat and her right for a privacy.
  3. Creation positive associations. If the cat understands that your presence is connected with good things that you carefully treat it, you treat tasty delicacies, you play, it helps to establish relationship which will sustain and visits to the veterinarian, and unpleasant procedures like combing or washing. Still it is never more important to force a cat to communication if she does not want.
  4. Attention to health of a cat. If the behavior of a cat suddenly changed, for example, she began to avoid communication, does not allow to take itself on hands or shows aggression, it it can be connected with feeling sick. In that case costs in the first turn to address the veterinarian.

Can become a cat more tender over time?

Always there are opportunities for improvements of relationship with a cat. And it should be taken into account that these animals differently show the love. One cat will show it, having been located on rest near you, and another – having dragged to you a ball that you threw it. And if the cat feels near you comfortably and safely, she will surely show the good attitude.


Depends the attitude towards the owner on breed of a cat?

The genetics in many respects defines the identity of a cat therefore representatives of different breeds have different characters. It is considered that the most friendly and loveful cats – burmansky and a ragdoll.

However it is impossible to throw out overboard and life experience of a cat, from it too a lot of things depend. For example, vagrant cats or the injured animals more are mistrustful in relation to people (and they can be understood).

However, influence of pedigree distinctions on friendliness of a cat, according to Mieshelle Nagelschneider is not the exact science. And, whatever breed (or "besporoda") there was your cat, it is worth treating it with love and respect. And changes to the best in your relationship will not keep themselves waiting.

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