• Sep 17, 2019
As do you express to
joy? And indignation? May you understand what emotions are experienced by other person? Probably and. And how about emotions of a caterpillar? Here to learn to distinguish the head from a tail … And how about horses?

 girl and horse of a photo

the Horse is not a caterpillar, of course, and, having accumulated some experience of interaction, we begin to understand that she wants to tell us. But beginners or not really observant people (and also those for whom a horse — just working tool) often are trapped.

of the Horse is necessary hardly too: we, in its representation , constantly fuss, we demand something and what — it is not always clear. Because we make strange movements and we make too many sounds.

Eventually, we, of course, understand that you should not approach an unfamiliar horse behind, to put fingers in a mouth or to wave a hand. Horses too to something learn near us. But misunderstanding often nevertheless remains.

The matter is that we are too different.

our ancestors were the monkeys living on trees. Therefore we have such structure of a brush, mobile fingers, three-dimensional sight and other acquisitions, useful to survival.
of the Horse lived in other conditions and chose absolutely other priorities. Far ancestors of horses lived in dense thickets, their extremities were equipped with fingers. But the climate changed, the soil became firm, and it was necessary to eat rigid stalks. Therefore horses got hoofs and learned to move let not so quickly as predators, but long. And if they managed to notice a predator in time, the chance to escape was high — means, it was important to have the wide review, having offered tridimensionality of the image. That is we literally look at the world differently.
Arises a question: if we such different whether we can reach mutual understanding? Numerous examples say that we can. Experience and knowledge help to build the mutual understanding bridge. But for this purpose we need to know well with whom we deal, to look at the world eyes of horses and to become clear for them. But not for nothing our look is called the Homo sapiens?

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