• Aug 9, 2019

The Hollywood filmmakers who are terribly interested in success of the product somehow sounded one of "skill secrets". That the movie was pleasant to public, there the child or … a dog surely has to flash.

 the Dog at cinema of a photo

On a photo: a dog at cinema

It seems to me, everything is quite natural. Dogs how many the mankind of remembers, help with fight for survival and just brighten up gray everyday life, having strongly located in close proximity to us. In only one Great Britain (which, by the way, is not so big) — 10 million dogs.

British made two experiments. Not with dogs — with people, though with the participation of dogs. But experiments quite amusing.

The essence of the first experiment consisted that the young man had to meet in the park girls. According to the usual scheme: hello, you are pleasant to me, will not give phone? The mission was considered executed if it got the treasured phone number.

First success was not too impressive: only one of ten girls agreed to share phone.

And then the young man was given a dog. The result was impressive. Performing exactly the same simple operations, but in the company of a canine friend, the young man managed to receive phone of every third girl.

you Present to

a difference? 1:10 and 1:3.

 the Person embraces a dog of a photo

On it scientists did not stop and made experiment number two.

Showed to two groups of the students distributed on accidental sign photos of the same people expressing the same emotions. Only in one case it was just the person on the picture. And in another – the person with a puppy.

The people depicted in the company of dogs, participants of an experiment estimated as positive, opened and much more often credible.

With what all this is connected? Perhaps with the fact that dogs help to us to become such, the best version itself?

 the Person goes with a dog of a photo

scientists still should answer this question. But we, those who hold houses of these right and amusing beings for certain know the answer!

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