• Feb 7, 2020

can call the Dog almost ideal friend. Not to each of us has the luck to meet such friend among similar.

Bases of the relations of the person and dog

At the heart of any true friendship (not very well, with the person or with a dog) the respect, understanding and interest to each other lies. However on the way to friendship and the cloudless relations of the person and a dog sometimes there are difficulties.

One of the main problems in the relations of the person and a dog – the fact that dogs, unfortunately, do not speak our language, and us, alas, did not teach to speak like a dog. And the feeling is sometimes created that dog it is smarter than us, they understand us better, than we are them. But also for us there is good news: the modern cynology promoted in this question, and we had a chance to something to learn in communication with dogs.

It is important to begin with itself. When we begin though a little to understand the pet, appears an opportunity and to teach to understand a dog slightly better us. If the language barrier does not manage to be broken, then from everything that we broadcast to a dog, she hears only "Bla-bla-bla-bla!" So why she is obliged to obey us? Therefore it is necessary to find a common language.

 Dog and person of a photo

On a photo: dog and person. Photo: google.ru

When there are problems in the relations of the person and a dog

The majority of problems in the relations of the person and a dog arise because the dog simply is afraid of the owner and does not trust him.

In order that in the course of interaction with a dog there were no unpleasant moments, extremely important, first of all to learn to see manifestations of fear and/or aggression. They are connected: in 95% of cases aggression is a result of a fright and impossibility to escape from a danger source. Therefore before to try to teach something a dog, it is necessary to be convinced that she is not afraid.

If a dog is frightened not too strongly, still there is a probability that she will listen to you. But if the dog panics, then, even when she physically is near you, her brain precisely somewhere in other place, and all your attempts will not be "to reach" to have result. Therefore first of all it is necessary to be credible a dog and to work fears if they are.

How to understand that the dog is afraid? Mainly, on body language.

The dog shows discomfort as follows:

  • Looks away.
  • Licks a nose.
  • Smells the earth.
  • Is scratched or stretches.
  • It is discharged by a trunk.
  • Draws in one paw.
  • the Dog yawns.
  • whites of the eyes (a so-called "whale eye") Are visible.

Surely it is worth paying attention to it, but in this case a situation still tolerant.

However there are signs which have to force you to reconsider the actions:

  • the Dog nestles on the earth.
  • takes away Ears back.
  • the Tail between the legs is put.
  • the Body of a dog is strained.

There is a probability that if you change nothing, the dog will show aggression as she feels need to be protected. Otherwise, in representation of a dog, she is threatened by physical destruction.

About it it is very important to remember and trace when you are engaged or just you communicate with a dog. Otherwise you will not manage to construct safe and positive relationship.

 the Dog plays with the person of a photo

On a photo: person and dog. Photo: google.ru

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