• Feb 7, 2020
Exists a huge variety of intellectual games for dogs. In this article we will stop at the simplest games which are simple for organizing in house conditions.

 Games with a dog needs to play With a dog

Why to a dog intellectual games?

is necessary for Each dog both physical, and mental loading. If to speak about physical activity, then a dog, irrespective of her sizes, at least 2 hours of walking a day are necessary. No matter, we speak about a Yorkshire terrier or the Irish wolfhound, a phlegmatic chow-chow or a holerichny terrier. If there is an opportunity to walk even more – wonderfully!
during walk a dog gets tired physically, receives impressions which the brain processes then – so walks to a certain extent tire also a brain.
But only one physical activity, unfortunately, you will not be full
. Let's draw a parallel with people: if we rush, playing soccer, or we go to gym – it is healthy, we derive pleasure, we produce endorphins, we get tired, but it is not enough. If we go every day to gym, most likely, nevertheless it will become boring for us, it will want to read the book, to go to the museum or to communicate to interesting people and at least in a pike perch to play. To a dog, as well as the person, mental loading is necessary.
is A little statistics: 15 minutes of mental loading are equivalent to 1.5-hour active walking.
It does not mean that we can work with a dog of 15 minutes, and then take a walk only half an hour. The dog needs all the same to run and carry out vidotipichny behavior: to smell, communicate with tribespeople (if, of course, your pet does not try to eat them). But if he tries to eat other dogs, I as the expert, I consider that is more honest in relation to it to modify this behavior. Let not in order that your dog played with tribespeople, but at least to minimize a constant stress in which both of you stay during walks, trying to discover enemies.
Unfortunately, our life such is that we often work for 8 – 12 hours a day, therefore, we are absent at home till 14 o'clock. Heartrending daily experience for our favourite: the bladder is filled in 5 hours, and stool collect in 8 hours. Dogs are more senior than 12 months (at infantile breeds – later) can suffer till 12 o'clock. I will not stop on those who walk the dog only once in day, and the dog suffers and does not go to a house toilet. I consider that such cases need to be equated to the cruel attitude towards an animal. Now I stopped only on physiological aspect. However the long loneliness affects also psychological state of our pet.
of the Research show that dogs with normal nervous system quietly maintain loneliness which lasts till 6 o'clock. Being left without the company more than 6 hours, the dog begins to feel discomfort. By the way, in the countries of Scandinavia there is a law: if your dog stays at home one more, than for 6 hours, you are obliged to employ a mastiff-sittera, or the dog nurse.
In Belarus develops the idea of the address to a mastiff-sitteram and a mastiff-vokeram (people who walk your dog in your absence), and it is very healthy. I am itself when I go to exit seminars, I invite to the dog a mastiff-vokera for walking, and in days when my husband works for 12 hours, to Elbrus in the afternoon for 30 minutes also the mastiff-sitter – just to sit with it, to play the developing games comes.
the Dog intellectual games are necessary. But not all games are equally useful:-)

3 main ways to entertain a dog

At our load we can not always give to a dog the chance to receive enough impressions, but there are ways available to all with which it is possible to occupy easily and cheerfully a dog of the house.
  1. Stunt training. First, it is cheerful and can become entertainment both for the owner, and for a dog. Secondly, the more the dog is able, the better. Eventually, when the dog collects pyramids or embraces a plush hare — it is lovely. Besides, we can always brag of abilities of a dog at guests or, as a last resort, in our unstable economic situation show representation on the square and gather stocks for rainy day. In the following articles we will tell about how to train the pet in useful and interesting tricks.
  2. Shaping – when the dog plays in "guessing game". It is cheerful and does not demand active actions from the owner.
  3. Interactive games are various combinations of labyrinths and boxes which the dog has to learn to open to earn delicacy. Now the market offers a large number of production interactive games. The most well-known companies which release similar games: Trixie, Karlie, Nina Ottosson, Kong. The Belarusian pet-shops already offer quite wide choice of similar games. But similar games it is possible to make also with own hands from improvised materials. Also search games are among interactive games. We will also consider the ideas of self-made games below.
 the girl with a big dog

the Simple developing (search) games for dogs in house conditions

  • the simplest developing search game. You take a delicacy piece, you clamp in a cam that there was a small opening, and you show to a dog two cams. She has to define on a scent in what of fists there is a delicacy. In a further obnyukhivani of cams it is possible "to put" on team "Look for" or "Smell".
  • When the dog learned to choose the correct cam, we complicate her a task: we take disposable plastic cups (not transparent), we make a small opening in day and we play thimbles. Under one of glasses we put delicacy, and let the dog define under what of glasses it is hidden. The number of glasses is gradually increased (we begin with two).
  • It is possible to take an empty shoe box, to half fill it with crumpled paper (to ideally take toilet paper, and the cheapest without fragrances) and there to throw a forage zhmenka – let the dog gets it. Further it is possible to complicate a task: to cover a box or to make in the top part a lattice of fabric tapes that the dog had to thrust a muzzle there and to fight against barriers.
  • Sometimes owners complain that the dog literally soaks up in herself a forage. In shops it is possible to get special slow-feeder'a (slow feeding troughs) there are special bowls labyrinths where the necessary quantity of food is thrown, but the dog has no opportunity to swallow it instantly. As a result what the dog usually ate in 3 seconds it should eat away within several minutes. As such slou-feeder it is possible to use a plastic or rubber rug lattice which is usually enclosed under a rug at an entrance door: we fill up a forage in rug openings – and voila.
  • Game "Candies". We take paper small squares (again it is possible to use toilet paper) and we twist in them on a korminka or several korminok. Also we scatter these "candies" about the room (it is possible to put everything in a box, but be ready that paper will be all the same scattered about the room). Only thing "but": I would advise to use dry feed, but juice which impregnates paper gives not natural products - "naturalka", the greedy dog can swallow "candy" together with a wrapper. On the other hand, even if the dog will eat a little cellulose, it is not terrible. It is interesting that in this game of a dog are divided into 2 categories: some develop each "candy" by means of paws and teeth, and others take candy in a mouth, the skillful movement take a bite a piece and otplyovyvat a piece of paper. I them call "semechkoyedam". And so at them is quickly and dexterously it turns out that you wonder. I usually prescribe "candies" to dogs with alarm of parting or smashing the apartment: The dog eats 10 "candies" within 5 minutes so you not only win time, but also give to a dog good mental loading. The dog will eat away 30 pieces of a forage – and was already tired.
  • you Can assemble plugs from toilet paper, put them vertically in a box from under footwear and throw inside a handful of delicacies.
  • Instead of plugs from toilet paper it is possible to use traffic jams from wine, only at first carefully air them.
  • Delicacy can be put in the plug from toilet paper and to seal this plug from two parties. Better let the dog cracks plugs, than linoleum or wall-paper!
  • It is possible to take a cardboard container from under eggs, to put delicacy in each deepening, and from above – a tennis ball or the paper which is simply crumpled in a ball. It is the simplest game for very shy dogs. In fact, everything that from them it is required – to push a nose a ball, and the award is received. Then it is possible to close a container – and let the dog crack it.
  • Take forms for roasting of cakes – a pallet on several small niches – put delicacies there and cover with the same balls.
  • If soul demands scope, it is possible to install a paddling pool with plastic balls and there too to outline delicacies. Though here it is unknown that it will be more important – delicacy or balls. Well and if balls for the pool already are, it is possible to fill with them a container, but not the pool — scope, of course, more modest, but the dog with pleasure will dig in a container, getting forage pieces between balls.
  • It is possible to take a bamboo rug or a rug for yoga, to lay out a path from delicacies (at first – on a korminka through each 5 — 10 cm), and then to twist it. For a priming we show to a dog one delicacy lying on a rug, it begins to untwist a nose a rug and самопоощряться. Then the distance between pieces increases, and then at all there is a jackpot (several pieces of delicacy) right at the end. In parallel it is possible to teach a dog to the team "The Slave, Untwist a Rug!":-)
  • It is possible to take old socks and to put delicacies in them.
  • It is possible to use old jeans or t-shirts, towels – crumple them, put food in folds, and let the dog understand.
  • the Excellent game which very much is pleasant to dogs: snuff rug. We take a lattice for a sink or, for large dogs, a grid which is enclosed under a rug at an entrance door. We cut a strip 2 cm wide from an old flannel shirt or a fleece sweater, old джинс. Also we impose small knots on each reshyotochka in a grid. From a reverse side we receive such soft "hedgehog" from fabric strips where we can throw a forage zhmenka. It will occupy a dog for a long time. (You can enter into a search line inquiry of "snuffle mat").
  • to Especially fanatical owners liking to do something by the hands I recommend to sew the developing rugs with various pockets, fabric hedgehogs, etc. (You can enter into a search line inquiry of "snuffle puzzle mat").
  • we Throw a forage piece before a dog and we say: "Look for". Then gradually pieces rush further and further, or hide, and we seat a dog on endurance in other room. It is possible to hide toys.
  • It is possible to play hide-and-seek – to offer a dog to find a certain family member who, being found, gives to a dog delicacy.
  • It is possible to use plastic bottles of small volume, for example, on 0:33 l. To fill up a forage zhmenka in a bottle, having left a cover open. While the dog bothers a bottle, korminka get enough sleep from time to time.
  • One more option of a game with a bottle: to cut through in the side plane of a bottle an opening, with a diameter slightly more than diameter of korminka. We fall asleep in a bottle of sterns, we twist a cover, we give to a dog. While it rolls a bottle, the forage gets enough sleep.
  • It is possible to drill an opening in a tennis ball (only surely wash out it from within before filling up in it a forage): the dog rolls a ball and earns korminka.
 Search games for dogs of the Dog enjoy very much search games
Such games not only amuse a dog, but also teach persistence, help to fight against frustration.
it is CAREFUL! Be extremely careful if you use toys which ingestion of parts can do much harm to health of your pet: for example, plastic bottles, tennis balls or fabric toys!
Before leaving a dog alone with similar toys, be convinced that the dog will not try to swallow a piece of such toy.

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