• Feb 10, 2020

Selection of behavior is one of ways of training of any animals, including dogs.

of the Photo: piqsels.com

This way of training also is called "podlavlivaniye" or "big-heads shapings". The sense is that the trainer at selection of behavior positively supports ("selects") the necessary actions dogs. At the same time the dog can be trained even in difficult skills if to break them on small steps and consistently to support each of them.

For example, you need to teach dog to ring a hand bell. In this case you will support in the beginning view of a hand bell, then the movement in that party, then touch to hand bell a nose, and after that pushes a nose which cause a ring. It is possible to teach to touch also a hand bell a paw.

By means of selection of behavior in training of dogs can train the pet not only species-specific (i.e. to peculiar dogs by nature) to reactions, but also unusual to normal behavior of an animal to skills. That is practically to everything, on what a dog physically it is capable.

It is more how to teach a dog to skills, necessary for comfortable life, you learn, having used our videocourses on education and training of dogs by humane methods.

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