• Mar 8, 2020

the Shy dog experiences difficulties in everyday life – at the same time difficulties are experienced also by the owner. Why not easy to deal with a shy dog from where shy dogs undertake and whether it is possible "to correct" such pet?

Shy dogs expect 100 vw from the world bad, they constantly try to discover "dangers" and "enemies" and are always ready to escape and hide. But the most difficult in communication with a shy dog – the fact that her reactions are often unpredictable. Even the owner can not always expect when also of what the shy pet is frightened. And flight, and a stupor, and aggression manifestation can become reaction to a fright both.

From where shy dogs undertake? The dog of any size, breed, gender and age can be timid. Such behavior can be caused by genetic factors, negative experience or insufficient socialization.

Alas but to correct genetic predisposition and lack of socialization extremely difficult. Such dog will remain shy forever, it is possible to smooth only a few manifestations of fearfulness and thus to build life of a dog that it faced frightening objects as little as possible.

If initially behavioural problems were not, and the shyness of a dog was created as a result of negative experience, for example, of ill-treatment or a trauma, there is a chance to some extent to correct a situation.

the shyness Problem at dogs is not solved training. Development of the program of the correction directed to increase in confidence of a dog in own forces and creation of the predictable situation providing to an animal feeling of control over a situation is necessary. The shy dog demands quiet, equal behavior from the owner without any roughness and rigidity and also creation of living conditions which will allow it to feel safe.

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