• Feb 7, 2020
Exists such disorder of behavior as a persuasive stereotypy. What is it, from where undertakes and whether it is possible to help a dog?
 the Stereotypy at a dog

stereotypy Types at dogs

the Stereotypy at dogs happens different types:
  • the Motive stereotypy when the animal runs (on a straight line to and fro or around, catches a tail, etc.)
  • the Oral stereotypy when the dog, for example, sucks a laying or licks, cracks or sucks sites of own body before formation of wounds.
  • the Dog in a condition of a semi-trance clatters with teeth as though she catches invisible flies.
the Dog is ready to be engaged in it in hours and such behavior abnormally looks.

Why the stereotypy at dogs develops?

Most often a stereotypy is shown at a stress. And not at a single stressful event and when the dog lives in a situation of a long, chronic stress.
 the Stress at a dog
of the Dog react to a stress differently
But at the same time all dogs react to a stress differently. And if at one dog the stereotypy develops very quickly, at another does not arise in general. And there are dogs who do not need no stressiruyushchy factor that the stereotypy developed – it can be shown even in a safe situation. What it is connected with?
Long time zoopsychologists were sure that a stereotypy – it is unambiguous symptom of a stress. However it became clear that, for example, the oral stereotypy at dogs has much in common with manifestations of a stereotypy at the person. And researches showed that in a stereotypy there is also a genetic component.
That is a stereotypy, certainly, can develop because of a stress. However if the dog has a genetic predisposition, the stereotypy can develop also without stressiruyushchy factor.
Arises a natural question: why do dogs do it? The explanation is.
When the dog, for example, gnaws at herself a part of the body, that is hurts herself, at it natural anesthetics – endorphins, some kind of hormones of pleasure begin to be produced. And thus the similar behavior helps a dog to endure a stress. Yes, the dog cripples herself, but psychologically she feels better, and it helps it to transfer hard times. However then the dog begins to perish from such behavior.
If we deal with a dog with genetic disorders of behavior (that is there is no stress, but the stereotypy is all the same shown), then this is some kind of dog addict.
Scientists conducted a large-scale research of an oral stereotypy at Dobermann terriers which results were published in 2014 in the Genome Biology magazine. Also it became clear that there are genes connected with this violation of behavior. There are 4 genes connected with work of synapses. That is they do not influence directly receiving by a dog of pleasure from a stereotypy, and influence that the dog normally cannot derive pleasure from life. Work of synapses "prevents" receptors of a dog to perceive endorphins in usual life.
 the Oral stereotypy at a Dobermann terrier
For example, any normal dog will derive pleasure from walk. But not dogs with genetic disorders – their receptors for some reason do not "respond" to these simple pleasures. Therefore they should "force" the organism to mark out huge amount of endorphins, and then receptors will catch though something, and the dog will have though some pleasure from life.

It is possible to help a dog with a stereotypy?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what we deal with: the genetic mutation, influence of a stress, and can be (at suspicion of an oral stereotypy) infection with parasites at all (for example, fleas).
everything is more or less clear to
With the last case – shampoo and other means of fight against parasites will come to the rescue.
If we know that genetic disorders take place, it is possible to give to a dog medicine which "will force" receptors "to catch" endorphins. That is the competent veterinarian is capable to pick up treatment at which the dog will be able to conduct the life which is brought closer to normal.
Besides if we know what genes are responsible for development of a stereotypy, can do the analysis as now the analysis on genetic diseases, for example, on a dysplasia becomes and not to allow such dog in cultivation. And then, if manufacturers are rather responsible, this problem will be soon shown with far smaller probability. Though this business of the future: now, unfortunately, still nobody does such analysis. But potential owners, having an idea of stereotypies, can, knowing that parents of a puppy had something similar, to show care and to choose other manufacturer.
If a stereotypy caused a chronic stress, then improvement of living conditions dogs and an exception of a stressiruyushchy factor will help here.
 the Dog plays

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