• Feb 7, 2020


Some owners complain that their dogs hate occupations and take great pain to shirk study. But dogs adore studying! And if your pet makes all efforts "to loaf", so he or is unhealthy, or occupations are constructed in a root incorrectly.

One of the reasons for which dogs "do not like" to study – the fact that the person ignores signals of a stress of a dog during the training continues to press img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2019-11/1573038598_1.jpg on the pet, and that in a condition of a stress is not capable to study at all.

To what signals of a stress during the training should pay attention?

  1. Zevaniye.
  2. Erection.
  3. Flickering language (the dog fleetingly licks a nose tip).
  4. Vocalization.
  5. Expanded pupils or a whale eye (when whites of the eyes are visible).
  6. Urination and defecation.
  7. the Increased salivation.
  8. The pressed ears.
  9. Refusal of a forage.
  10. Frequent breath.
  11. Pochesyvaniya.
  12. Pandiculations.
  13. Look aside.
  14. Lifting of a forepaw.
  15. Obnyukhivany lands, eating of a grass or snow.
  16. Otryakhivaniye.
If you noticed
at the dog during the training some of the listed stress signals, so at the moment you demand too much.

Should be switched a canine friend to something simple and pleasant for him, to give him the chance to relax, take a break or at all to stop occupation – depending on a situation.

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