• Aug 21, 2019

Many believe that everyone chooses the dog similar to himself. And time so, it is possible to assume that the choice of breed opens an essence of character of the owner. What in that case it is possible to tell about character of the owner of a basset hound?

 the Basset hound in a cage at a photo exhibition

On a photo: basset hound. Photo:

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is also a part of the truth.

So if you chose as the pet a dog of breed a basset hound …

  1. If the basset hound became your pet , your family crest for certain would decorate the motto: " Kindness will save the world! "
  2. you are convinced that is more asked from those to whom a lot of things are given. And you were given much. And the self-respect does not allow you to use privileges even if they rely by right.
  3. you make an impression quiet, even time of the sluggish person.
  4. When you indulge in contemplation, the rest of the world ceases to exist. And very many things are worthy contemplation, in your opinion! So relatives sometimes take offense at you for carelessness.
  5. Nevertheless, you are persistent, are even stubborn and if that was solved, is not able to curtail you from the planned way even the bulldozer.
  6. you can work long, intensively and tirelessly.
  7. you are capable to find a common language with any and everyone.

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